Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One day trip with xuer to Port Dickson

Hi peeps!! XD My long waited PD post. I am so longing to go to the beach till I drove there the very next day I finished my exams.keke beach rocksss>< Using the GPS navigator again, for the very first time I drove so far to PD >< Oh yeah~ next time gona drive to Melaka ady.hehee By the way, who said that port dickson dont have nice beach??><

The first beach we went in PD. I forgot what beach is this already but its very near to the town. Damn clean one loh><

Niceee right? ^^ Its 9 smt btw. We depart from KL at 7am haha

My slippers :)

Next stop: Blue Lagoon Beach.Tanjung Biru. One of the well known beaches in PD. :)



me with 38 xuer keke

angel wing ring

Bought 2 rings as xuer's bd present.:) nicee?

Next stop: Cape Rachado Its a 20mins walking distance through a frim-like path to the cape.

Spot the monkey over there? hehe

Yay~ Reached the Cape Rachado!

Nice right? :) We arent allowed to get in. They said that we could see seagulls there at the year end.><

Blue nice super osome sea view near the Cape Rachado!! Really osome I tell you. Must go there. The ocean glitters and its damn damn magical><

My lousy camera cant capture the magical glittery seawater>< Really nice one ><

Going back to KL at 1pm.hahaa Found that there's nothing else in PD except their beach>< We wanted to try some nice food there but it was closed.:( I droved back to KL and then go for yamcha station in Uptown pulak.lol
 Next stop: Sabah, Pulau Ketam and MELAKA *hurrays* lol


Mr Lonely said...

walking here with a smile.. have a nice day ~ =D

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Hilda Milda™ said...

The view near Cape Rachado is really pretty (: