Saturday, July 30, 2011

KL trip with Jariel @Chinatown :)

Jariel and I planned for this trip to China Town few weeks ago because we wanna buy some bracelet chains to make friendship bracelets for everyone of us.hehe See we are soooo good to you.(Anqi and Junrong lol) Eggcitedly I wanna eat the same old stall the beef noodle and the Portugis Ikan Panggang 葡萄牙烧鱼 my favouriteee there! tehee Before that, we met at Time Square to buy my working pair of black flats and my swimming suit.hehe Got both of them :) Have my favourite Shilin XXL Chicken and mee suah there for lunch. :)n Ate damn a lot today><


 my jareil <3 ^.^ Heading to China Town.Yay!

 Reaching the beef noodle shop. Luckily its open today>< The last 2 times I went there it was closed.So sad. Will remember forever that it closed on Wednesdays ady.hehe XP


 Ordered kuehtiao everytime I eat this.XP See how much chillie we added.So spicy><haha

 We shared a bowl coz we still gonna go for our next round!! hehehe

 Tadaaa~this is the well known portugis ikan panggang near Hong Leong bank!!! Superbbb!!!

 We ordered stingray with sotong and clams. Their clams are sooo big today>< Super temptinggggg><

 Its not that spicy as it was when I ate it few years ago. But it is still spicy that I finished my sugar cane drink before finishing the stingray and everything>< lol niceeee>< but sadly it opened quite late, at only 5pm so after that I have to squeeze in the ktm with everyone myself>< Become a sardine fish for like 1.5 hrs in the train.Squeezing in and out>< Scarry>< Aih..Why no monorail and lrt near my house one T.T Why only you KTM :( My day trip to KL ends here.^^

By the way,

Have a nice day guys <3 Be happy :)


Hilda Milda™ said...

The clam, squid and stingray bakar looks so good! and the beef kuehtiao too *drools*

Kian Fai said...

whole day so spicy :P and u dun looks so spicy hahaha