Monday, July 25, 2011

Genting Trip With My Zimui ♥

halow world :) at last a real update. Just finished my last day work in Metro Prima. So happy and fun because I knew a lot of nice frens there. :) Praying for my pay to reach me in no time~~~~ XP Ate Marybrown and Papa roti for two days continuously. Scary >< Hmn..Went Genting Highland for a day trip with my relatives like a month ago. With a tiny miny little Myvy. Cool right?lol

Its so cold there.Unbelievable>< I thought Genting would not be that cold coz it is not year end yet><

See? I seriously ask all of them to wear shorts coz I thought it would be warm there.At last all of us were freezing like

Qing, me jia yee and xiao ping guo :) muahh~

Reached. My cousin was sooo nice to carry my bad the whole day. :)

Merry go round.Didnt get to play this.:(

A group photo for all of us.^^Taken by a

And then he turn around the camera and take a photo of himself too.haha Wonder how does he look like without the clown makeup. 


I played this!!! Awesome Roller Coaster.So nice and I shouted like crazy. My ridiculous cousin keep talking to me while I am shouting up there like hell.loll Laugh non stop up on the ride and I manage to pinch him up there Incredibly funny.haha


With a clown who burst all the balloon. #clown failed. lol

You know what! I ride this.I rode Space Shot!! Wana ride this since long long time ago but even my father dun dare to.haha This was OSOME!! I could not see a thing up there because there was too much mist up there. Riding this with my cousin Zejin only because all of them are scared of height. lol It was scary because I felt like I was flying away from my chair!!haha OSOME!

Taken by jiayee my cousin sister when she rode the Ferris Wheel. Did not have the chance to ride the ferris wheel also coz spend too much time on extreme Why i act so boyish one><

My idea.Cool right? hehe

On the boat of the Sungai Rejang Flume Ride. This was a  big mistake.Terrible one. We didnt bring any spare clothes and we were shivering like hell in that kind of weather after get splashed!>< To protect my everlast shoe I have to take out and hug it from the start till the end of the

On the way to the second hill for the second splash. lol See they are smilling giggling so happily because all of us were shivering like nobody's business after the first splash>< lol

A nice group photo with cute cousin sister leeyi rubbing her face haha She said she gona kill

人生就像茶叶蛋,要有裂痕才入味. :) gambathe huiming!^^


Mary said...

hi =D

it look like a happy nice day =D

keep smile


Hilda Milda™ said...

I always wanted to try space shot and roller coaster but ended up dont dare :P