Friday, July 29, 2011

Dear diary,

Yeap. Another crappy one again. Watched Mr Popper's Penguin yesterday with my cousin and it was funnehhhh.^^ The last movie I watched was like almost half a year ago. lol Has been rejecting every invitation for any movie and cheong k session.I even let go Transformer and Harry Potter ehhh>< My favourite >< Cinemas made me feel uncomfortable :( Nah..strangely its seems to be o-k-a-y yesterday, watching Jim Carrey's movie. :) The penguins are adorable. :) Hmn..maybe comedies keep me laughing and I could stop being myself.haha

He's cute.XP

 He get a real penguin which he thought it was just a soft toy.haha

 Poppy became the papa penguins.hehe He started to love them.:)

 Captain's egg wunt hatch><

 They have dinner

 haha had u seen any penguin dancing? oh~bsides happy

Yeap.Making myself busy this whole holiday.hehe A super effective way to distract myself. ^^Few gatherings coming soon and then few trips I will be going. haha Starting tomorrow, I have 2 gatherings to attend, a 4 days trip to Sabah, 30-hrs famine camp, and then start my part time job continuously. lol After that 2 more trips to Melaka and Pulau Ketam.Haha Ahh and one more to Pavillion Tokyo Street. Btw, I wannnnaa eat Ikea's meatball>< I want my holiday to be longer><

Pavillion Tokyo Street!! Way too awesome man>< See this!
"Tokyo Street, located on level six of the shopping mall, will be also be the newest addition to the Pavilion Kuala Lumpur's themed precints, alongside Centre Court Connection, Couture Pavilion, Gourmet Emporium and Seventh Heaven
The design of Tokyo Street was inspired by Asakusa, a district in Tokyo, that blends the urban cosmopolite feel with rich heritage and traditions of Japan. 
Pavilion Kuala Lumpur aims to attract local shoppers and tourists with an enthusiasm for Japanese food, arts and culture as well as the Japanese expatriate community in Malaysia, who can head to Tokyo Street for a taste and feel at home. 
Read more: Pavilion KL introduces Tokyo Street "

See more photos of their Tokyo Street Press Conference here :

Cant wait to have a peek to the Tokyo Street>< hehee Atlast I start reading again.wuhoo The five people you meet in heaven, by Mitch Albom. This was quite well known and its my current addiction before I continue my Jodi Picoult and Stephan King.XP

muahhh everyoneee :) no nightmares for me tonight :) I hope.XP


XCB said...

weee i like mr poppers penguin also. the penguins very adorable ^^. watched HP7, must say it's the best harry potter movie ever. i cried. so touching TT

domokun said...

haha ano anoooo the penguins sooo cute lea keke i wana keep one at homee>< i haven watched hp7 yet :(