Saturday, June 4, 2011

soul sisters share secrets

Sometimes when we stumble upon some unprecedented crisis to be handled or even when we were forced to cope with something that may pull us down or rip us apart, we tend to approach someone we trust and pour out our hearts to him or her. Sometimes by telling them our innermost thoughts,surrendering them our every tiny bits of secrets could have already made ourselves less hurtful and more comfortable. They, by just listening to our troubles, be there when we need them could help lessen our worries and make us less upset. It helps a lot already. However, we never know that it actually creates a stress and guilt in the listeners themselves.They are guilty because they think that they arent able to help us in anything but the fact is that by just staying by our side, keeping us company already helps to alleviate our pain and suffering. We never wanted something in return or expect something because all of us knew we ourselves are the one who can help ourselves. We just wana know and ensure that someone is there beside supporting us and to tell us everything will be okay even thou everything's a disaster at that moment. Sisters are there beside us when we need help. It's an unbreakable bond I had with my cousins although we meet less than 5 times every year. We are soul sisters who share our deepest secrets. If you are willing to and  are eager to strengthen a bond with anyone, take out your efforts and try harder but not complaining how impossible it will be. 

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