Sunday, June 5, 2011

double birthday celebration mingwee & me ^^ @Italianese

Hi peeps! Having so much fun recently.:) Coincidently ming wee's birthday and mine are only a day difference therefore we get to celebrate it together.We kind of skip class and have an awesome outing in 1u.:) Thanks them for giving me a surprise by asking xuer to join us although I get to know it before hand. Nah I am too good in guessing.:) No birthday cakes this year due to my request. Nah..coz next year I wanaa a big big cake for my big big kd only XP We meet up at "Kitschen"(fyi a boutique lol) and both me and ming wee grab something there for our birthday present.both qi n june had run out of time and out of mind (lol) to figure out what to get for us this year.hah I get a maxi dress and jareil get a formal top. love the maxi dress so much but i think its only wearable at the beach.:(

Camwhore in the fitting room :)

My fringe get longer so fast as usual and makes me a 'one-eyed beast'.><

Tadaa~My maxi dress..

Having lunch at Italianese @ 1 u♥

qi and jareil 

me n xuer ♥  have no idea y i like to balloon myself recently.

june and me and xuer 

bread+olive oil+ vinegar. u get this everytime u dine in.:)

Ordered way too much already><

A big black noob specs i bought from Singapore lol

Me wif Jareil with my new wedges. ♥ My feet got blisters ady thanks to them><

A very nais photo with june's eyes 

muacks xuerr 

group photo :) see jareil's hand>< haha


Went pasta zanmai again after a few hours shopping.LOL insane><

did i balloon myself again?lol

my favourite udon mee :)

evidence--> we discuss assignment while we are having dinner one lea><see we so hardworking XP

ciao!! :)

photos credit to annger :)
Thankiu sisters buddies for the day and presentss :)
Thankiu everyone for the wishes :)
Have to continue my assignments jor><
 nahh..i mean have to START my assignment jor>< XP
I wana learn to live and love my live.:)


Casley said...

wow nice dress!! hope to see pics of u in that maxi dress.. sorry for late wish~ happy belated birthday!!! *hugs*

Kendra Bing said...

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