Thursday, June 2, 2011

Danga Bay Waterfront @ Johor Bahru

Hi peeps! Went back hometown for 3 days last week to visit my relatives there and also to meet my long missed cousins. :) My 表姐夫 drove all of us to Danga Bay in his tiny Myvi in the midnight. We told our parents that we are just going out for supper but instead we speed there which is an hour trip from my Chio right.>< Danga Bay Integrated Waterfront City is the LARGEST recreational park in Johor Bahru! wuuuu We were told that we can actually see Singapore from there as Danga Bay is the waterfront of Johor. Cant see anything but it doesnt matter because we will be going to the opposite side of the Straits of Johor the next day thou.keke XP

Lots of amusement rides in the old school fun fair!! like merry go round the most!! Didnt get to ride that though.I am way too old for

jiajia, me, lee yi and yu en. ^^

See their ticketing counter so old school.chio.

Red big train so chio.


One happy family. :)

I look like a goldfish.=.=

On our bicycle!! Our main objective going there was to ride this!lol osomeeee^^

Camwhore while resting. Jia jia is so lucky that she need not to step the peddle while me and leeyi were so exhausted

Their beach soo dirty one.Cans and rubbish everywhere.But lotsssss of stars leaa. ^^ If onli I have a semi pro or a dslr then I can take pictures let you all see already.><

Yu en's balloon keep blocking our way lol 

cuteeeee right? ^^

haha end my post with this funny gay pic XP

It was sooooo awesome and fun there. We were laughing so loudly like nobody's business and we even tried to challenge ourself to cycle up a small Turns out we were way tooo heavy and  failed We were stuck at the halfway of the hill and we have to gostan back down.haha The police kind of see us and then started to forbid the other bicycles to ride up the hill again. hahaa We cycle so fast that jiajia's slipper fell off just beside the man with a snake around his neck. We knew she was sooo scared of snakess.loll Really cant stop Damn awesome night with you guys. Ahhhhh miss you all liao.>< See you all around december ya? ^^

Will be continuing to update my trip to Singapore and my birthday celebration with Jareilll!!
Stay tune!
Hugssss for everyone I know :)


Mabel said...

hehehe! eh.the gay pic damn funny loh. lol!! hahahaha

Nava Krishnan said...

seems like a great place to visit. Been here long time ago but surely changed much.

Hilda Milda™ said...

The merry go round is pretty, I would just hop on regardless of my age or weight xD btw, is the pink balloon in the white balloon deflated or it's meant to be like that? Cute!