Thursday, June 30, 2011

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie @ Jalan Delima

Hi guys. Long time no see ya. :) Still remember me?Forget me This will be a super duper outdated post coz I was so busy doing something else lately. Herm..So busy but kenot remember what am I Watched like about 10 episods of kang xi lai le (a taiwanese variety show) EVERY SINGLE DAY in the past few weeks to kill  Duno why its seems like having damn a lot of free time.I was like having 48 hours a day to Therefore screw myself coz I think I kenot finish my revision already.Exams coming.T^T AND I am still here. :( Whatever.>< My dear sweet cute relatives visit us last week too.Went Genting Highlands and brought them to Sungei Wang and TS.keke Having so much fun :) Will blog about this next time. 

It was like few weeks ago me (I also forgot when already lol), Tofu and Joey went this bakery at Jalan Delima, Levain Boulangerie Patisserie to try their pastries coz I found lots of bloggers introducing this shop saying that their pastries are incredibly osome.Hmn.. But in the end their spaghetti taste really awesome but their bread taste ok ok only. Maybe because we took so much time taking pics of the bread and then when we eat them they are already cold and Some more eating a bread with a knife and a fork is kind of awkward for me.>< And I aint a bread

"Stone Oven" Those bakers keep taking out freshly baked pastries from their stone oven.the place smell damn nice one. :) Damn a lot of varieties of pastries till I have to reconsider again and again before taking><

Nice ambiance right? :) Damn a lot of people and we have to wait for a seat.>< Its a weekend some more!

See? Macaroons!! Cakes!! We didnt try those coz too full already. Too sweet stuff is a no no to me

Mashed Potato Bun

Beef Sandwich

Chicken Pizza (nice niceeee ^^)

Turkey Ham & Egg (Their popular ones)

Star shaped walnut bread coated with honey 

Chicken Rendang Bun with I forgot whats that already.

Aglio Olio Spaghetti. My all time favourite!! Nicee!! A must dish if you visit there!!><

Tadaa~Joey & Tofu Chertieng.>< Tofu is leaving :( Seriously..Why is everyone leaving? :(

Me with Stephan King.LOL

Tofu :)

Xuer jie jie :)

Me me me!><

 I am strong. I lifted the sofa with my bare hands to let Joey take her hand phone cover underneath the sofa.#@$@#%#^#

Some more I learnt Wing Tsun(詠春) before.Seriously.Haha.Who won? Hmn..See urself. haha

Okies.Thats all. Blogging seriously helps to release my stress and now have to be back to studying. I dunlike cash flow and consolidate balance sheet and goodwill and non controlling interest and business strategy and law essay question!! loll Thats all.haha Bai! See you later bloggie :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

i ♥ my family :)

Went Genting and have so MUCH fun with my relatives.hehe will update soon.Ahh procrastination kills me.><
Will be updating super slow this few weeks coz exams coming.T^T bear with me ya. :)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Levain Boulangerie Patisserie

Had a small gathering with xuer and chertieng at Levain Boulangerie Patisserie. Found that I am not a bread lover after all. Will be updating a more complete post about this place soon when I am free.:)

Cant wait till next post to tell you that their seafood aglio olio spaghetti rocks :)

Thats all for now.Gotcha study for exam
Dear Renae: I need you to be tougher.En.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

double birthday celebration mingwee & me ^^ @Italianese

Hi peeps! Having so much fun recently.:) Coincidently ming wee's birthday and mine are only a day difference therefore we get to celebrate it together.We kind of skip class and have an awesome outing in 1u.:) Thanks them for giving me a surprise by asking xuer to join us although I get to know it before hand. Nah I am too good in guessing.:) No birthday cakes this year due to my request. Nah..coz next year I wanaa a big big cake for my big big kd only XP We meet up at "Kitschen"(fyi a boutique lol) and both me and ming wee grab something there for our birthday present.both qi n june had run out of time and out of mind (lol) to figure out what to get for us this year.hah I get a maxi dress and jareil get a formal top. love the maxi dress so much but i think its only wearable at the beach.:(

Camwhore in the fitting room :)

My fringe get longer so fast as usual and makes me a 'one-eyed beast'.><

Tadaa~My maxi dress..

Having lunch at Italianese @ 1 u♥

qi and jareil 

me n xuer ♥  have no idea y i like to balloon myself recently.

june and me and xuer 

bread+olive oil+ vinegar. u get this everytime u dine in.:)

Ordered way too much already><

A big black noob specs i bought from Singapore lol

Me wif Jareil with my new wedges. ♥ My feet got blisters ady thanks to them><

A very nais photo with june's eyes 

muacks xuerr 

group photo :) see jareil's hand>< haha


Went pasta zanmai again after a few hours shopping.LOL insane><

did i balloon myself again?lol

my favourite udon mee :)

evidence--> we discuss assignment while we are having dinner one lea><see we so hardworking XP

ciao!! :)

photos credit to annger :)
Thankiu sisters buddies for the day and presentss :)
Thankiu everyone for the wishes :)
Have to continue my assignments jor><
 nahh..i mean have to START my assignment jor>< XP
I wana learn to live and love my live.:)