Thursday, May 12, 2011

charity cookies

Bought heart shape homemade cookies from SIFE for charity. Far cuter nicer and tastier than the cookies I made last time. Why the hell would I dare to belanja my friend asking them to try my homemade cookies one.=.='' haha Its semester break! Nooo>< I want more classes.>< Trying very hard to lure my frens out for yamcha I dun like staying at home rotting for the whole weak lea.>< It reminds me that I will be spending my 1 month holiday without my 3 buddies in July T.T They are going Lancaster weiiii>< Ditch me again lah you three.LOL Why I kenot go one T^T T^T lolll Have to go KK alone already lo.haha Cant sleep coz my headache is killing me.>< Starting from yesterday but it became worst since just now, most probably after walking in the rain.haha Or it's because of me having pearl milk tea for my lunch again.haha So ridiculously I have had Chatime pearl milk tea thrice and turned out I was choked by the pearls thrice.=.='' Bad Finished my fiction but I dun like the ending. Sad endings make me emo>< I think I will be sharing the book I read recently with you guys in the next post since I am so damn free.^^ It is one of those books which makes us think deeply and makes your mind lingers on something back and forth. The incidents in the book reflect what had happen in my life recently. Maybe reading something about death isnt a good choice Addiction now: Jodi Picoult's House Rules. XD

Nitez everyone :)

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XCB said...

wahhhhh so nais i want! heys coming back to kl today, if want meet me up, arrange a date ya~