Sunday, May 29, 2011


Yeap.Officially back.:) Promise no more emo post.haha Went Danga Bay in the midnight with my sisters.keke Beaches and stars. Lovely..^^Lots of stars.keke Ride a cute bicycle there.Speeding laughing shouting having so much fun.:) Awesome time.hehee Its an old school fun fair with lots of couples families even it's already in the midnight at Will blog about these later :)

Unstable bicycle we rode.^^

Jiajia :)

muackssssssssss :)
-peace out-

*hugs* for myself coz 2mrw is my big day.lolll ^^
bugis 2mrwwwww XD

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


maybe i should hav just stop emo-ing a while and concentrate a little bit more on my exam and then after that continue emo-ing for the rest of my and stop having stupid nightmares.*cries* and stop asking why life so unfair one..:( *preparing to regret like hell for the rest of my life*haha i am just scared...cant anione tell?..

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I am tough.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

i wonder..

lipice sample~so cutee>< left: normal size


嘻嘻 你们没有看错 我真的是刚刚睡醒 今天我都不懂有没有醒着四个小时 一直赖在床上不想起来 吃饱了睡 睡饱了还是趴在床上不想起来 

完蛋了现在超级精神的>< 才开始放假第二天 我就那么的颓废><

 我不要啊>< 可是没办法 睡越多越累越想继续睡 睡觉什么都不用烦不用想 棒啊 哈哈 现在颈项都酸酸了

 突然间想喝珍珠奶茶>< 哈哈

 刚才作梦到我生病去医院打针><打针耶=.=当然是逃走啦 然后整间医院的医生护士追着我跑 哈 白痴

 放假要想办法赶完两张assignment 开学了才可以好好庆祝我的生日 哦耶~嘻嘻 

屁啦~刚好那时会回乡 就跟家人一起了咯 不行 这次我死命都要吵我的朋友去酒吧>< 去转一圈也好 学学灌醉自己 好像也不错耶 嘻嘻 

虽然还是不想酱快就二字头 可是过了我的生日就是六月了耶 哦耶~XD 

打华文让我突然间觉得自己很幼稚 呵呵 有时候幼稚一点 生活就开心一点 烦恼也就会好像少了一点 周边的朋友也会就跟着开心一点 酱大家都会好过一点 不好吗? :) 

双子座都有两面的嘛 我的另外一面很可怕的哦 还是收起来好一点 嘻嘻

【一个人总要走陌生的路, 看陌生的风景, 听陌生的歌】

Thursday, May 12, 2011

charity cookies

Bought heart shape homemade cookies from SIFE for charity. Far cuter nicer and tastier than the cookies I made last time. Why the hell would I dare to belanja my friend asking them to try my homemade cookies one.=.='' haha Its semester break! Nooo>< I want more classes.>< Trying very hard to lure my frens out for yamcha I dun like staying at home rotting for the whole weak lea.>< It reminds me that I will be spending my 1 month holiday without my 3 buddies in July T.T They are going Lancaster weiiii>< Ditch me again lah you three.LOL Why I kenot go one T^T T^T lolll Have to go KK alone already lo.haha Cant sleep coz my headache is killing me.>< Starting from yesterday but it became worst since just now, most probably after walking in the rain.haha Or it's because of me having pearl milk tea for my lunch again.haha So ridiculously I have had Chatime pearl milk tea thrice and turned out I was choked by the pearls thrice.=.='' Bad Finished my fiction but I dun like the ending. Sad endings make me emo>< I think I will be sharing the book I read recently with you guys in the next post since I am so damn free.^^ It is one of those books which makes us think deeply and makes your mind lingers on something back and forth. The incidents in the book reflect what had happen in my life recently. Maybe reading something about death isnt a good choice Addiction now: Jodi Picoult's House Rules. XD

Nitez everyone :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

zoo negara volunteering

Hi people. Had been so busy with assignments and internship applications and homeworks and outings so I chose to ditch my blog for a Good news!! I think I get an offer from an awesome accounting firm. :) Hurray!! So lucky to have a kind interviewer to give me a once in a lifetime chance.:) Yay! ^^ Internship will be starting at the end of this year, and I am already very eggcited.XD Ahh..back to thisss..I succeeded in persuading my girls to join this volunteer activity in zoo negara..haha Tadaa~ Let me go through my pictures kay? :)

My volunteer group~Met nice new friends :) We were in charge of capybara and porcupine. :)

Tiny cute monkeys. XD

Old matured

We fed these with bread too.I am not sure what they called Their paws are so soft and I tried to shake hand with him too.haha

Our department is the mammal world and we started by cleaning their compounds.After that, we were asked to prepare food for the porcupines and capybara :) This is what they eat ^^

Cut cut cut! We took a lot of pictures coz they said that we could use these photos for our moral projects.haha 

This they called it capybara. Its the biggest rodent in the world.Super cuteeee>< Its like an enlarged hamster to me :)

*sniff sniff*

Long beans are their favourite :)

See? they finished their long beans first lol

soooo adorable!! I wana hav one at home>< 

Haha I feed them the same long bean each at one end and then...

They kissed!!! hahaaa 


Its a little bit scary because they have this super long colourful spines. The way they eat was so adorable because they use their tiny hands to grab their food one!

We followed abang around finding leaves and helped him to carry a banana tree We were told that they are finding some suitable leaves and stems to be used to decorate the cages.

Kakak brought us deep deep in the forest to be bitten by the

See what we got~^^

*the cutest thing in the world*

beatrice and me XD

So handsome>< some of the volunteers get to get a few strands of its fur back as a souvenir.T.T i wan one><

Thanks to our abang and kakak who taught us a lot of things.Wonderful experience! :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

be grateful people