Friday, April 22, 2011

Restaurant Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza@ Sunway Pyramid

Hihi people.Another stressed week.Have this Red Carpet event where companies set booths in our campus to let us ask anything about our internship. The big fours are only taking not more than 10 interns from Sunway last Noooo>< Slim chance. Tsk tsk tsk.And somemore I haven decide which path am I heading also.Audit? Taxation? Advisory? Banking? Aiks. Love attending forums listening to those experience by those invited professionals. But it ends so late somemore raining these few days make me spend 3 hours on the road!!cou LDP. I can hear my bones cracking when I get down from my Avanza.>< Yerr..Reach home at only 8.30pm. I can reach Johor Yesterday it was raining even more heavily I dont dare to drive because I kenot see the road properly with my contacts.>< Decided to have dinner at Sunway to escape the scary jam.>< My feet so pain wearing high heels all day so I decided to just walk in slippers, with my formal wear.haha People kind off peek at my slipper 

My new formal wear.XP

 Spaghetti with pesto sauce and pine nuts. the nuts look like some beetles or some insects to me so....haha scary..><

 pizza with pepperoni and loads of bacon~normal lea..

 Cant finish at the We ate only half.Too big portion already. :)

 Chatime opened in Sunway Pyramid!! Rockss wei!!! See the queue~lol

Enjoying my original milk pearl tea while driving home. keke awesomeeee although i am very full already.XP


nites everyone :) Have insomnia for weeks already.maybe i drink too much milk tea.haha Can anyone help me?lol *bitter smile*  good luck to me^^ *hugssss*


XCB said...

lu bo hua hee a?

Angie Teh said...

hehe i want the photo dear XD

*JacQueliNe* said...

awww. i love black pearl!! :DD