Friday, April 1, 2011

Dear diary,

Time flies. People said that so often but my time seems to crawl one.Ugh.Thanks to Sunway who is not kiam siap at all to give my batch an only 4-day-a week class.=.= Friday is a holiday so thats why I am here now.Today's April fools' day and I am stuck at home.But I have got evil plans swiming in my head already.haha Hmn..I dunt like Fridays. Nah. I will be changing my perception on this sooner or later one like what i thought about holidays.Holidays are a waste of time for me when I am in the middle of it, spending it so generously but then that very second I step into my car getting ready to drive to uni for my first time this semester, I was like, duh, here we come again.>< I have to wake up early in the morning at 5 smt to avoid the jam and then reach there at 7 smt for a class at 9.30am lea!! *sigh* T^T *grumbles non stop* Hmn..Some more I am thinking whether to join the sport club which ends only at 8pm ehh..Hmn..I am still hesitating because no one wants to join table tennis club haha I dunwan to drive back alone.hmn..Yorrr who wants to accompany me?? >< lol I registered the Sunway Social Society (SSS) and Grafeed Club also.Yay~ Their events rocks wei~ Grafeed will be teaching us those graphic design thingy photoshop thingy blabla AND tadaa~~we will be going to children's home to teach those kids to paint on easter eggs.tehee eggcited XD kids! damn eggcited! While SSS has a lot of interesting events too and one of them is haha.. a visit to zoo negara.hah I am so Hmn..Maybe I can suggest them to drop by SPCA too.Its so near only.XP Our welcoming party will be on next Saturday and we will be going Taman Pertanian! Hiking Cycling stuff^^ I need fresh air! Cant wait. :)

I started playing piano few days ago and I am so addicted in Canon in D. Trying to practice more to play it more smoothly. I love this since long long time ago and then now I am so into it again.^^ This song kind of make me recalls some sweet memories back then and makes me emo Sometimes going through something tough and unpredictable helps us to think more deeply in different ways and you generate different perceptions on the same thing.It helps us to grow up too. Maybe thats the better choice after all.Deal with it.After you get to handle the first fall, the next fall would not be that terrible anymore.It's not like you have become immune to it, it's that you have already discovered the ways to get over it and..this is life. Ups and downs are unpredictable and this is it.They said that it helps when you try to persuade yourself in something, and it's more effective than the others who persuade you. So start talking to yourself, its like casting a spell to yourself, every time you fall, telling yourself that "everything will be okay eventually", and then you will be. The first 100 time might not work but the 101th time may have seep into you eventually. Sometimes we would be confused and agreed that if we arent committed in anything we will not be able to lose anything and there will be no reason to fall.But I bet most of us still have a deep whisper existing inside you reminding you that you actually have this tiny little faith in it still. Hmn..Too many things came up all of a sudden and I am trying to cope with it bits by bits. :) Praying hard for all my family members and relatives to get through it although all of us need time. Tomorrow is our grandpa's birthday.He loves you most. You knew that. He told me that he's going to buy a car for you since last year,do you know? He acts like he is tough but he isnt. He's ur grandpa. Can you visit him or send him a message? Merely a happy birthday wish is enough for him. :) *hugs grandpa* *hugs everyone who is in pain* Hmn..where's mine?lol

I like this write up => Sinking in quicksand :)

It sucks when we are cheated by those we trusted, isnt it?Hmn..Friendships are strengthen with bonds that are made up by trust and truths. Lies will only weaken those friendship.>.<

i can take the fall if i knew someone down there is waiting to catch me

Yay~Going back to my secondary school tomorrow!Carnival! I miss my art society so much :)
 And chic pop7 YAY!!
Lots of love from me. :)
Do you turn left, when nothing is right? Or do you turn right, when there’s nothing left?
Believe in yourself :)
suddenly i miss you so badly..

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this made me remember an old diary i had years ago :)