Thursday, April 7, 2011

awesome outing part 2:Chic POP Street Market 7 & The Bee @ Jaya One

Chic POP Street Market 7 at Jaya One after the carnival in Chong Hwa.:) Annger meet us at the mamak stall after that. All of us are so eggcited. XP Aiyah I missed the famous tom yam loh yee mee we once loved so much in Mutiara.T.T Who wana go there with me again?lol

The first stall we went. The cute chic at the centre is kim from :) I followed her since long long  time ago and I went there mostly because I aimed for one pink blazer she is selling  BUT IT IS SOLD OUT ALREADY.T__T

A damn lot of clothes,accessories, shoes, cosmetics products in all ranges of price were found there.

Wonderful!The stalls are decorated so nicely with cute vintge stuff around.Cheap pre-loved stuff could be found there too. 

This stall has super cute necklaces! Super adorable><

Me with my

Damn crowded and the weather is so hot!All of us were so frustrated after shopping like an hour. Girls are really shopaholics.Can tahan the heat.@.@

The only thing i bought---> metal bracelet ^^ 

When I wear it it's liddis.chio?lol rock rock man lol

After that we have teatime @ The Bee in Jaya One.^^

Anqi dunt block me lea>< haha Do we look like angels?hahaha

They have the last polka homemade ice cream!! :) They ordered the black sesame one but the taste is too creamy and thick for me.I like light flavored ones more.XP

Camwhore in the car before we get home.haha

Live to learn how to love your life :) Be grateful.^^
*hugs*counting days<3


Catherine Ang said...

nice outing :)

i knew it..just can be patient..although it is slow but better than i online for nothing .. at least i know i online still can earn several sen or ringgit is a very good thing d :)

Jean said...

seeing your post makes me miss my high school frens so much

Have a nice day! =)

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Anonymous said...

This makes me want to go to a mall and shop!

Kian Fai said...

didnt buy anything for me? =P