Monday, April 4, 2011

awesome outing part 1: Carnival @ Chong Hwa Independent High School

I had been longing for this day since few weeks Yay~ At last I get to meet my old secondary school classmates back in Chong Hwa ^^ Eggcited 

 Xuer my dear reached my house at 7 something.@.@ 

See my curls?See my curls? She helped me to do this one!! Chio a not? haha My hair would be nicer without my ruined fringe one.I naughtily tried to curl my fringe nonprofessionally myself and ughh..I ruined my fringe.Have this super weird fringe whole day.T^T And then the curls kind of lose shape eventually because I did not apply any hair spray.XP

 Besties in Chong Hwa ♥ 

 Tadaa~Damn a lot of people.I had to park so far from the school. All of us are so frustrated because of the hot weather><

 They bought takoyaki. Paul, the octopus is so popular here.XP

 I went back to find my former art society committee members too!!^^ However a lot of those I am closer with had already graduated.Hmn..T^T A lot of unfamiliar faces,new members I dunno..><

 My besties in art society last time^^

 Ah bobo~ Studying in IMU made her so pressurized till she became so jk jk XP


 haha 38 38

 I forgot what I was talking about Hmn..

 Chong Hwa toilet.haha

 Our friendship rocks 

Went to Jaya One for their Chic Pop 7 street market organised by Tongue in Chic!! Awesome! Stay tune for my part 2 :)

Btw, I will get my new contact lens next week!No magnifying effect one.TT Forever having this small eye ball already T.T
Nights :) *Huggies* 


wen pink said...

Good old days.. reading ur blog post reminds me of my secondary school days <3

Jean said...

it's definitely good to gather with old friends again

Have a nice day! =)

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Anonymous said...

Your fringe looks normal and nice. Actually you have nice hair. Mine is all crappy, curly in the ends, straight in other undecided. I would kill to have yours wah

C E C E ♥ said...

you're so cute with your style domo :)

Catherine Ang said...

nice gathering :) so sad my secondary school never have such activity :(

KelvinMk said...

hey.. u get prettier >< hehe