Thursday, April 28, 2011

a confession to make

Hi people! I have a confession to make...
We are made for each other.♥♥♥ ^3^ 
my love for June~~~hahaha
cant u see we are meant to be together? hahaha sweet a not? LOL 

Another confession to make~~~all of us love Honeymoon!!!♥♥♥

Adzuki Bean Slurped. The beans are quite hard though.Almost choked.>< But red bean lovers might like this. :) 

Durian Snow Ice. Awesome. Super Taste awesome for durian lovers like me.teheeee XP Highly recommended. :)

Purple rice maruko. They have this coconut milk...

which you pour on your purple rice maruko..and then...

be creative and do some  Latte art  ' purple rice maruko art '. LOL I draw one.nice a not?hahaha So talented I know.bluekk XP

Chocolate Sweet Ball Coated with Crushed Peanuts.This one rocksss wei.Chocolate filling. My favourite :) Highly recommended.haha

keke my buddies ^^

By the way, there's a great news for u all. 100 free dessert + RM5 vouchers will be given out every Friday. Go log on to their facebook fan page then you will know what to do.Easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. :) Find out urself ppl.XD


Gotcha go coz I promised myself to vomit 1000 words for my assignment tonight.keke Bai!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Restaurant Italiano Capricciosa Pasta & Pizza@ Sunway Pyramid

Hihi people.Another stressed week.Have this Red Carpet event where companies set booths in our campus to let us ask anything about our internship. The big fours are only taking not more than 10 interns from Sunway last Noooo>< Slim chance. Tsk tsk tsk.And somemore I haven decide which path am I heading also.Audit? Taxation? Advisory? Banking? Aiks. Love attending forums listening to those experience by those invited professionals. But it ends so late somemore raining these few days make me spend 3 hours on the road!!cou LDP. I can hear my bones cracking when I get down from my Avanza.>< Yerr..Reach home at only 8.30pm. I can reach Johor Yesterday it was raining even more heavily I dont dare to drive because I kenot see the road properly with my contacts.>< Decided to have dinner at Sunway to escape the scary jam.>< My feet so pain wearing high heels all day so I decided to just walk in slippers, with my formal wear.haha People kind off peek at my slipper 

My new formal wear.XP

 Spaghetti with pesto sauce and pine nuts. the nuts look like some beetles or some insects to me so....haha scary..><

 pizza with pepperoni and loads of bacon~normal lea..

 Cant finish at the We ate only half.Too big portion already. :)

 Chatime opened in Sunway Pyramid!! Rockss wei!!! See the queue~lol

Enjoying my original milk pearl tea while driving home. keke awesomeeee although i am very full already.XP


nites everyone :) Have insomnia for weeks already.maybe i drink too much milk tea.haha Can anyone help me?lol *bitter smile*  good luck to me^^ *hugssss*

Sunday, April 17, 2011

one hectic week

Haloo people. :) Had been so busy for the whole week.Assignments.Resumes.Cover letters.Talks to attend. At last I submitted my internship resumes and cover letters on friday.Kind of angry with myself because my low memory capacity made me drive all the way alone to uni to submit my resumes.Ridiculously me. I forgot to bring the whole file on Thursday.T__T smack me la =.=lol Aiyah. And then I freaked out because I duno how to gostan my car out of the parking lot!! Too squeeze already and my driving skill will definitely scratch the car beside me Luckily the car owner beside my car help out a lot by driving away.Leaving me a lot of we shall wait for the company's reply.Hmn..No confidence.XP When I was applying for internship one of my friend already turn down some company's offer.LOL Aiks. See? haha Ahh, tell you what, I attended 5 talks in a week.LOL About how to write a resume, job interview skills, job hunting strategies blablabla. lol Those topics make me us stressed up and it tends to keep reminding us that we are going to step out into this rat race society soon. How am I gonna survive?Hmn..I am still acting like a baby.=.= However~~ the best part of the talk is that they provide us bottomless milk tea! haha <3 Milk tea.XP See? I am baby=.= Assignments started to pile up already too.And even choosing the assignment topic made us all headache. Everyone tends to have their own perception in things and it is so difficult to suit every each of them. Everyone of us have different backgrounds so our thinking tends to differ so much.Makes me suffocate.=.= But things just turn right at last and at last we can really start everything^^ Busy busy busy but I am still here babbling. I cannot ditch my blog one ma.teehee 

Oh ya. I am broke.I bought 6 novels in an hour.LOL happi happi :) Somemore I attended some program on stock trading investment Business student I am.XP Its not that cheap for a two days program but I really wanted it.I really wanted to know stuff like this since long long time ago, in a proper way.So, end up I pay for myself loh.My piggy bank is crying.haha Besides, (I havent finish telling you the ways to burn my money haha) I subscribed Time magazine and Fortune magazine for a year. Hmn..see? I am so kee xiao already.Suddenly have this huge appetite to absorb these stuff. But whether I have enough ability to digest will be another It depends.XP

Ah~Let you see those books I bought~:)

'Before I Fall' by Lauren Oliver
I am halfway already and I am a little bit disappointed because it isnt that deep as I thought.Hmn.. But its quite interesting the storyline.It's about a girl who actually died in an accident woke up the same day the accident happened. In a nutshell, you get to know you are living your last day and thus, what will you do?
 Be grateful. :)

Three-title set : 'The chocolate run',' marshmallows for breakfast' and 'my best friend's girl'. by Dorothy Koomson. :)

My best friend's girl.

Three emo books. I love books that have deep thoughts. These seems like they have that thing I wanted but I gonna eat the pages up first and then I can tell you how is it. :) 

House Rules by Jodi Picoult.Ahh~ I wanted to have a Jodi Picoult and I just grab it when I see Let me finish and then I will give you all reviews ok.^^

Unexpected one.Rich Dad Poor Dad. LOL I never know I would wanted to buy something like this and wanted to read something like Ahh Dun care.I bought it anyway.^^


Thats all. :) Is everyone busy with their studies and assignments and exams? Nah~ A funny shot of myself that makes myself laugh.hahaaa Aih.I laugh everytime I see this picture of Share with you all.See if it can help reduce your stress or not.I know its ugly but I don care.Thats me :)

I have weird eyebrow.And I have wrinkles.=.=

Okies.Back to assignments.Oh btw good luck Xuer in Penang.Envy lah can go there internship.Mine only within Klang Ah~eggcited coz Manhattan Fishmarket tomorrow.XDXD And then our dress code tomorrow is chic in And then meet Bernice.So long didnt meet her already.^^Will everything be alright as it should be?*bear hug* 

Thursday, April 7, 2011

awesome outing part 2:Chic POP Street Market 7 & The Bee @ Jaya One

Chic POP Street Market 7 at Jaya One after the carnival in Chong Hwa.:) Annger meet us at the mamak stall after that. All of us are so eggcited. XP Aiyah I missed the famous tom yam loh yee mee we once loved so much in Mutiara.T.T Who wana go there with me again?lol

The first stall we went. The cute chic at the centre is kim from :) I followed her since long long  time ago and I went there mostly because I aimed for one pink blazer she is selling  BUT IT IS SOLD OUT ALREADY.T__T

A damn lot of clothes,accessories, shoes, cosmetics products in all ranges of price were found there.

Wonderful!The stalls are decorated so nicely with cute vintge stuff around.Cheap pre-loved stuff could be found there too. 

This stall has super cute necklaces! Super adorable><

Me with my

Damn crowded and the weather is so hot!All of us were so frustrated after shopping like an hour. Girls are really shopaholics.Can tahan the heat.@.@

The only thing i bought---> metal bracelet ^^ 

When I wear it it's liddis.chio?lol rock rock man lol

After that we have teatime @ The Bee in Jaya One.^^

Anqi dunt block me lea>< haha Do we look like angels?hahaha

They have the last polka homemade ice cream!! :) They ordered the black sesame one but the taste is too creamy and thick for me.I like light flavored ones more.XP

Camwhore in the car before we get home.haha

Live to learn how to love your life :) Be grateful.^^
*hugs*counting days<3

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

how much time do we need?

My little brother introduced me this nice song and I fell in love with it. :) awesome! by mindy gledhill.

all about your heart.

anchor.another awesome one.:)

hourglass. :)

Whoever I cared so much, be tough ya.I seriously hope anything like this would never happen again. 24th day. Praying hard hoping that they are super forgetful to forget everything about him so nobody will suffer anymore.Can? How much time do we actually need to put down everything to go on?like usual? Things are getting more and more bitter now..

lost in thoughts..*cries*

Monday, April 4, 2011

awesome outing part 1: Carnival @ Chong Hwa Independent High School

I had been longing for this day since few weeks Yay~ At last I get to meet my old secondary school classmates back in Chong Hwa ^^ Eggcited 

 Xuer my dear reached my house at 7 something.@.@ 

See my curls?See my curls? She helped me to do this one!! Chio a not? haha My hair would be nicer without my ruined fringe one.I naughtily tried to curl my fringe nonprofessionally myself and ughh..I ruined my fringe.Have this super weird fringe whole day.T^T And then the curls kind of lose shape eventually because I did not apply any hair spray.XP

 Besties in Chong Hwa ♥ 

 Tadaa~Damn a lot of people.I had to park so far from the school. All of us are so frustrated because of the hot weather><

 They bought takoyaki. Paul, the octopus is so popular here.XP

 I went back to find my former art society committee members too!!^^ However a lot of those I am closer with had already graduated.Hmn..T^T A lot of unfamiliar faces,new members I dunno..><

 My besties in art society last time^^

 Ah bobo~ Studying in IMU made her so pressurized till she became so jk jk XP


 haha 38 38

 I forgot what I was talking about Hmn..

 Chong Hwa toilet.haha

 Our friendship rocks 

Went to Jaya One for their Chic Pop 7 street market organised by Tongue in Chic!! Awesome! Stay tune for my part 2 :)

Btw, I will get my new contact lens next week!No magnifying effect one.TT Forever having this small eye ball already T.T
Nights :) *Huggies*