Monday, March 21, 2011

vintage bazaar♥serai empire♥whisk♥@empire shopping gallery

Halo world.Halo people.Seriously I am so guilty writing a post like this when people in Japan are suffering from tsunami and earthquake.And then war war war in Libya.While I am still shopping around having nice food enjoying life.Praying hard that the amount of victims would be lesser than ever, than predicted. Praying even harder hoping that everyone I cared would be able to forget the pain and understand that fate will determine everything.. :)
Tada~This is the vintage bazaar I went! I reached there successfully using my pa's gps again.LOL

me and anqi^^

Outfit Of The Day^^

We reached there quite early so we decided to have lunch first.Serai Empire Restaurant in Empire Shopping Gallery is awesome^^
tempting ><


Tadaa~Spaghetti with smoked salmon.I love this sooo much :) The portion is hearty enough for my big appetite and it has generous amount of smoked salmon.Niceeeee^^ Thumbs up^^

Nasi kerabu.Anqi's one. Their sambal~Thumbs up.But I would like it more if it is spicier.haha The vege was quite tasteless..maybe it was meant to be like this.Hmn...

Bazaar Time~~~^^

It is located at 12 level high and we have to register  at the counter to take the elevator up. The shop Stellar is a delicate cosy 2 level apartment, designed with so vintage style deco. They are few blog shops selling cheap stuffs there.Mostly vintage stuff vintage dress vintage top vintage skirts jackets blablaa Cheap preloved ones are quite nice too.They even sell 2nd hand books such as harry potter series for only RM 15 lol

The first floor ^^

Second floor^^

Its's a delicate little nice place selling cheap stuff as low as RM5.woots ^^Nice? I didnt buy any

Ouch.My toenails with faded nail

The rose dress quite nice one but too big for me.Hmn..


Teatime girls.We went 'Whisk' which is well known for their macaroons.Ahem..Anqi said one


 Super duper cute macaroons!!!!!!!!Lovely :)

 Chocolate and Coffee flavoured ones..lovelyy 

 Hummingbird Cake which Anqi had

 We ordered 10.Seriously 10.LOL I ate only 2 and Anqi finished the rest.haha Way too sweet.Even their coffee flavoured one.LOL

 Anqi's hummingbird cake. Its actually banana cake with pecan frosting outside.haha I think its actually quite nice one but I really duno how to appreciate these stuff.I still prefer blueberry cheesecake from Secret Recipe more.LOL

My post would not be complete without a vain pic of me.LOL

haha bluek

T__T One more week of holiday to go.One more week for me to rot at home doing nothing.T_T Someone please ask me out???=.= I am rusting already.T__T When I move hor I can see rust flakes dropping on the floor all around me.==
XOXO hugs*


g.ta said...

love your shoes!!

♥snoopy♥ said...

gosh i missed it! i saw some pretty dresses! >.<

Joanne Lai said...

OH oh oh!! Vintage bazaar <3 I missed it :(

Nava Kishnan said...

Been to Serai a few times, my choice is also the Nasi Kerabu although have tried others which are not too bad in taste.

Sharon said...

the macaron juz look like so disaster, i prefer from levain cafe

Hilda Milda™ said...

You should try their velvet cake too! Yeah, their macaroons are way too sweet :/ me no likey!

Angie Teh said...

come on! lets go out again den XD

Jean said...

i always wanted to see vintage cloths
and i see macaroons!

have a nice day! =)

Catherine Ang said...

nice post.. macaroons so cute !! :)

Anonymous said...

So many nice clothes !

Choiii said...

The food looks amazinggg, ahh macaroons <3
I love your shoes :)

**eLLyNeLLy** said...

I wanted to try out that macaroons for so long dy!!argh jealous mee!! <3

Cherish 혜연유 ♥ said...

Wow!! Vintage bazaar, where did you notice about this event? Aww I missed it :'(