Thursday, March 24, 2011


They said they saw a pigeon flying over them on the 3rd day you left us,with shiny wings.*blink blink* And they knew thats' you. :) It's the 11th day already, and everyone is still trying so hard to cope with grieve and loss.while I am stranded in KL could not take part of anything.hmn..i want to go back >< Wei, they said that you have not visited anyone's dream yet.What are you waiting for?...When I was flipping through the photo album just now, I found some pictures of me and you when we were still young..So chubby..hmn..miss you so much>< How are you up there? :) Dun't enjoy too much and forget about us. :P

help me pray that i wudnt be kidnapped by some scary kidnapper tomorrow
and see if I can still survive and then still blog tomorrow 
nitez everyone.trying to sleep early today.
*hugging my domokun tightly*..ciao.


jAr3IL said...

u'll be ok de my dear...
take care ya^^
tis is a must!!!!

Cecilia said...

有心就好:) i miss him too! i miss that when we're still young!><

Jean said...

so touched. although i'm unsure of who were you referring to.

have a nice day! =)

Lilyel said...


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