Sunday, March 20, 2011

memories catcher

Want something like this? :)

Have been discussing with my family about hanging our photos in our living room and bedrooms recently.We bought a few nice frames and cork boards from ikea and daiso last week. Atlas we get our photos from the photo shop yesterday and we are able to start working on it already.Hmn..cork boards will be in my room and frames will be hung in the living room.Yay :) Unfortunately those photos came out too big and I could only manage to squeeze 6 out of 275 photos on one board T___T I think I have to get more boards liao == >.<

Directions to make one for yourself:

LOL.First, go to the nearest daiso from your house.XP

Get yourself as many pieces of cork boards as you wish.^^

Get a scissor and some cute thumb tacks.

Be careful of the thumb tacks.== I put it on the floor and I nearly step on it T__T twice..T__T

Last warning.Please be careful=.=

Select the pictures that you like.

This is me n my family!^^

Lastly,start trimming them and arrange them the way you like^^
and then....
It's complete after you nail them. :)
The first board^^ my best friends and relatives.XD They are squeezed together like sardine fish=.= Gonna buy 2 more back and separate my friend's and family's ones. :)

Teheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee My second board :) Erm..words censored by me because..ahem top secret LOL This is my boy XP ><

Tadaa~~I am so guilty squeezing all my friends and families' photos in one board.hmn haha Ana..I will get more boards next week. :)

Its done.Waiting for papa to help me nail it on the wall.^^ Happy happy happy XD

XOXO hugs for everyone today :)


XCB said...

yalo so squeeze until i kenot breath liao. haih faster find me a new home la

Jean said...

it really needs loads of effort in getting them done. salute you. =)

TOLANIC said...

OMG. Why censored?!!!

Cecilia said...

got me! got me! hahahahaha XD! i like u n jc's one leh! how to wash like this wor?

Hilda Milda™ said...

weeeee finally see you and yr bf de pictures (: sweet also what! :D yeah, I heard of it. might try next time.

Angie Teh said...

gud effort^^ do one for me during my bd lol XD

Ronaldmohoni said...

Nice :)

jAr3IL said...

i want it oso..^^hehe