Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lunch @ Restaurant Rosemary Bites♥

Halo world.Halo people.Here we go again.Me and my college mate wanted to explore Aman Suria to find Betty's Midwest Kitchen so badly since last semester. We slipped our chance previously because i ridiculously have my sweetheart avanza's headlamps on whole day till my battery gone dead.Ugh.Smack myself.However, as you can see, we failed to stuck our butt in Betty's Midwest Kitchen again this time as we found it was closed on Monday.T_T It closed on that very particular day.Smack my head again.LOL We found this particular classic restaurant serving classic american cuisine and give it a try.Coz there's no other restaurant for us to have lunch anymore except a few ban mee shop and a few hawker

Tadaa I love the atmosphere there.See? They have this delicate little american flag tanglung hanging on their lamps eh.So chio.

 Me and Teh.Tadaa~Pixie time^^

Junrong and mememe again^^

See?Arent these adorable? Soldiers and vintage pictures all around this place.

 Jareil and Bernice.Thanks Jareil for making you driving so far for this lunch.bluek

yeah me and teh again :)

Fish and Chips.I was so regret I did not order this.I order fish and chip almost everytime I went in a steak house one.They said that its not bad but they prefer chilli sauce over the particular sauce they provide.LOL

Annger's BBQ chicken!!A little bit sweet for me.

 Tadaa.Mine.So cheesy and creamy.Nice^^ But it's so similar with those Jareil made for us when we are celebrating new year in her house.Really one.90 percent alike lo the taste.hmn..after all it is quite reasonable because all of us are ordering lunch set.^^

I like their deco.All American Style one lea. They have their baseball baseball caps deco and painted their walls blue made the atmosphere look so americanese.

Nom Nom

See? My 

Rosemary Bites Restaurant 
A-G-28, PJU 1/43, Aman Suria Damansara, 47301 PJ Selangor, Malaysia.

For Reservation : 03-7805-2088

xoxo muaks ciao! :)



Anonymous said...

u photos made me hungry ..I think for dinner i'm having some hamburguer and french fries

Rascat said...

hmmm...looked yummy :P i think i have hamburguer as my dinner also XD