Saturday, March 5, 2011

junrong is the one

Halo world. Halo people. I had such a wonderful exciting tiring day yesterday. I am so proud of myself and is so contented with myself because we have succeeded throwing a small birthday celebration surprise to our best friend --> Junrong^^ All of us were so pressurized and busy the previous week that we could not come out any awesome ideas celebrating her birthday until I called our 'event planner pro' Bernice.Hah And then she came out this idea surprising her by popping out of no where in her hostel.Yay! Junrong never thought we would do this because she thought that we went home after presentation.Halooo people~where the hell would u have soo nice friends who are willing to stay back waiting for you from 12.30 till 5.30pm? How could you find one anywhere?Hahaaa Insane lah us. My presentation ends at 12 something and Junrong's presentation only starts at 2pm.LOL She thought we will be only celebrating her birthday next Monday after out last exam.Ooops.I am still blogging.Aiks.Whatever.^^However, turned out 3 of us *me,Bernice and Annger* 3 shopaholics shop like hell in Sunway Pyramid.I am broke.They shop till drop and made me as hostage while they went withdrawing cash.Plus cake plus her present :s Good job guys.Thx Bernice.For your idea.Thx Annger.For walking around like ajima in high heels. Thx Jareil.For lying so professionally to Junrong LOL  :)

 We are on our way back to Sunway Uni.^^ The banana cake was ridiculously heavy, like rocks.See? We have to carry together.==

Preparing outside Junrong's room.Wuu..I keep texting Jareil asking Junrong to take bath but that stubborn one keep reading comics in her Bernice's lighting the candles. 

 Our magnificent cake.:) Why U No Blueberry Cheesecake??TT i want

Hahaaa Bernice's mouth opening so wide when Annger's was walking so loudly in high heels.Shhhhh LOL And then~~Tadaaa~~~~^^ Okay.She was really happy I am sure of it.She was smiling non stop.^^Satisfied.:)

 The cake was so big.Bigger then Junrong lea.

:) Smile Junrong.Smile :)

 Hahaa.Can you dont keel me?LOLL

 We pressed her head when she was biting the candles.And ommggg.What is thiss? Her teeth????O.o
 Nolah.Its her beads.HAHA Amitofo :0

:) Stay happy^^

Me!Me!Me!Me!!!Muacks you Jun Rong^^

 First slice cut off.

 Omg.Half gone.We are monsters. 

Again.5 of us ate 3/5 of the cake eh.Fat me.Ugh. 

 Love you guys :)

 That Bernice keep asking us about her new spectacles she had just bought eh.

 Hahaa..Caught by me^^

Yayy~Present time :)

 Nice anot?^^

Haha.Does she look like a bat? or flying squirrel(飞鼠) LOL

 We keep commanding her to adjust to


Smile everyone.Smile^^ 

Happy Birthday Junrong :) 20 years old already.Stay happy will be the only thing we wanna tell you^^Life 's like this.Friends forever :)

Ok.i really gonna get a formal set ady.==Ciao everyone:) Domokun loves everyone.:)


Anonymous said...

yummy cake

XCB said...

awwww little jun rong big girl liao~

Casley said...

wow i like the last pic.. how u did that? its so nice!!! ^^

angie said...

our cutie junrong^^ hey,give me those photos pls ><

isabella Thordsen said...

oh, very nice pictures!

*JacQueliNe* said...

i know the cake is from secret recipe!!:D