Monday, March 14, 2011


Something horrible happened.Unprecedented ones.Unprepared ones.Who would ever prepare for such things to happen.It hurts.I have no idea how it would be when someone you are familiar with vanish forever, till now.I mean forever.I tasted fear.His voice,his laughter,his jokes, his face,his expression, his eyes looking at me, his warmth, everything about him, had now being buried so deeply till forever.All of us tasted fear.None of us, would ever imagine something like this.I fear I would never be able to see him again.I fear I would never play black jack with him again every cny.I fear I would never be able to play the fireworks bought by him sponsored by him every cny again.I fear I would never be teased by him ever again.I fear I would never get to listen to his hiccup-like laughter anymore.I fear I would never ever few his presence anymore.I fear I would never have the chance to see him grow up getting married having dozens of children anymore.Now everything about him just disappears.In thin air.All of a sudden.Could anyone bring him back?Please..?He is still so young.Pity him..:( His sisters, his parents, his relatives, everyone needed him so badly..The only leftovers now will be only the memories.Shattered in pieces ones.

Life isn't that fair after all.Isn't it?

People who posted stuff about Japan who asked everyone to pray for Japan, I beg you all to be really mean it.Some of you may just shared it around for the sake of sharing but please really try putting yourselves in the victim's shoe.Put yourselves in the victim's family shoe.People, be grateful. Appreciate.Never take for granted.You would not want to regret for your rest of your life losing someone you love.Care and love everyone around you..please..

remember a person in heart, not in mind.okiess..i am trying so hard..


Cecilia said...

dun cry alr,darling. i feel like crying nw.

XCB said...

jiayou dear~

Anonymous said...

that's so sad. Unfortunately is part of life. Hope you get through this ! be strong

Anonymous said...

Dun worry, everything would be fine.

Hilda Milda™ said...

My deepest condolences to the family on their lost. Hold on and stay strong!