Tuesday, March 29, 2011

fringe on me



 i dunwan fringe already.so childish.go class kena teased .=.=''

Random post.LOL ciao.Karaoke whole afternoon today so exhausted already.Bai!:)
*hugs**bitter smile*

Thursday, March 24, 2011


They said they saw a pigeon flying over them on the 3rd day you left us,with shiny wings.*blink blink* And they knew thats' you. :) It's the 11th day already, and everyone is still trying so hard to cope with grieve and loss.while I am stranded in KL could not take part of anything.hmn..i want to go back >< Wei, they said that you have not visited anyone's dream yet.What are you waiting for?...When I was flipping through the photo album just now, I found some pictures of me and you when we were still young..So chubby..hmn..miss you so much>< How are you up there? :) Dun't enjoy too much and forget about us. :P

help me pray that i wudnt be kidnapped by some scary kidnapper tomorrow
and see if I can still survive and then still blog tomorrow night.lol 
nitez everyone.trying to sleep early today.
*hugging my domokun tightly*..ciao.

Monday, March 21, 2011

vintage bazaar♥serai empire♥whisk♥@empire shopping gallery

Halo world.Halo people.Seriously I am so guilty writing a post like this when people in Japan are suffering from tsunami and earthquake.And then war war war in Libya.While I am still shopping around having nice food enjoying life.Praying hard that the amount of victims would be lesser than ever, than predicted. Praying even harder hoping that everyone I cared would be able to forget the pain and understand that fate will determine everything.. :)
Tada~This is the vintage bazaar I went! I reached there successfully using my pa's gps again.LOL

me and anqi^^

Outfit Of The Day^^

We reached there quite early so we decided to have lunch first.Serai Empire Restaurant in Empire Shopping Gallery is awesome^^
tempting ><


Tadaa~Spaghetti with smoked salmon.I love this sooo much :) The portion is hearty enough for my big appetite and it has generous amount of smoked salmon.Niceeeee^^ Thumbs up^^

Nasi kerabu.Anqi's one. Their sambal~Thumbs up.But I would like it more if it is spicier.haha The vege was quite tasteless..maybe it was meant to be like this.Hmn...

Bazaar Time~~~^^

It is located at 12 level high and we have to register  at the counter to take the elevator up. The shop Stellar is a delicate cosy 2 level apartment, designed with so vintage style deco. They are few blog shops selling cheap stuffs there.Mostly vintage stuff vintage dress vintage top vintage skirts jackets blablaa Cheap preloved ones are quite nice too.They even sell 2nd hand books such as harry potter series for only RM 15 lol

The first floor ^^

Second floor^^

Its's a delicate little nice place selling cheap stuff as low as RM5.woots ^^Nice? I didnt buy any though.lol

Ouch.My toenails with faded nail colour.lol

The rose dress quite nice one but too big for me.Hmn..


Teatime girls.We went 'Whisk' which is well known for their macaroons.Ahem..Anqi said one la.lol


 Super duper cute macaroons!!!!!!!!Lovely :)

 Chocolate and Coffee flavoured ones..lovelyy 

 Hummingbird Cake which Anqi had

 We ordered 10.Seriously 10.LOL I ate only 2 and Anqi finished the rest.haha Way too sweet.Even their coffee flavoured one.LOL

 Anqi's hummingbird cake. Its actually banana cake with pecan frosting outside.haha I think its actually quite nice one but I really duno how to appreciate these stuff.I still prefer blueberry cheesecake from Secret Recipe more.LOL

My post would not be complete without a vain pic of me.LOL

haha bluek

T__T One more week of holiday to go.One more week for me to rot at home doing nothing.T_T Someone please ask me out???=.= I am rusting already.T__T When I move hor I can see rust flakes dropping on the floor all around me.==
XOXO hugs*

Sunday, March 20, 2011

memories catcher

Want something like this? :)

Have been discussing with my family about hanging our photos in our living room and bedrooms recently.We bought a few nice frames and cork boards from ikea and daiso last week. Atlas we get our photos from the photo shop yesterday and we are able to start working on it already.Hmn..cork boards will be in my room and frames will be hung in the living room.Yay :) Unfortunately those photos came out too big and I could only manage to squeeze 6 out of 275 photos on one board T___T I think I have to get more boards liao == >.<

Directions to make one for yourself:

LOL.First, go to the nearest daiso from your house.XP

Get yourself as many pieces of cork boards as you wish.^^

Get a scissor and some cute thumb tacks.

Be careful of the thumb tacks.== I put it on the floor and I nearly step on it T__T twice..T__T

Last warning.Please be careful=.=

Select the pictures that you like.

This is me n my family!^^

Lastly,start trimming them and arrange them the way you like^^
and then....
It's complete after you nail them. :)
The first board^^ my best friends and relatives.XD They are squeezed together like sardine fish=.= Gonna buy 2 more back and separate my friend's and family's ones. :)

Teheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee My second board :) Erm..words censored by me because..ahem top secret LOL This is my boy XP ><

Tadaa~~I am so guilty squeezing all my friends and families' photos in one board.hmn haha Ana..I will get more boards next week. :)

Its done.Waiting for papa to help me nail it on the wall.^^ Happy happy happy XD

XOXO hugs for everyone today :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

we love you..

Today will be the very last time for us to send our wishes and hopes to you face to face..we miss you so much..my lovely dear cousin..wei jie arr..can you please appear in our dreams and tell us you are okay over there? Abundance of happiness and love?If you were here, you would understand how much we miss you..how much we cared..i had been staying outside your house most of the time or else hiding inside the bedroom.. I am sorry because i am really scared.. I dunt even dare to go near you.. I am scared.. Knowing you lying inside.. With your eyes closed..knowing that you would never wake up anymore.. Never..we really need you.. I dunlike you...leaving us so early.. Dunt you understand? Every single of us needed you so much.. Are you aware that your disappearance made everyone of us very upset? You are actually still lingering around accompanying us these few days right? Did you realise that there is damn a lot of people who love you so damn much?? Heartbroken..everyone of us..weijian arr..dunt be scared..everyone of us will be accompanying you till you reach the better place..dun worry..we will be by your side..you wunt be lonely dear.. Its 3.23am now..we are still here wei jie..some of our ah yi jiu jiu are sleeping already..tell them to be tough bah..it will tough saying goodbye..:)Hm love you..
By:ming ming jie jie

Dear cousin,wejie u know tat we miss u lotsa!?
I still thought i'm dreaming. I wish to return to those times when we were still small.We laugh and cry together as loud as we can! I miss ur smiling face and laughter! Today is the last day we can see u,so we all are not going to sleep.U know tat we really care bout you and love you veh much. Although we looks like nothing happen but actually our heart are veh pain.
Weijie,we love you! I want you to be my family again! Hope you be happier in heaven! But let us cry one more time. I really hate to say godbye,but i know i still have to say it. Goodbye my dear weijie, we ll always miss you and we love you!
By: Cecilia Ray Jia Jia

Monday, March 14, 2011


Something horrible happened.Unprecedented ones.Unprepared ones.Who would ever prepare for such things to happen.It hurts.I have no idea how it would be when someone you are familiar with vanish forever, till now.I mean forever.I tasted fear.His voice,his laughter,his jokes, his face,his expression, his eyes looking at me, his warmth, everything about him, had now being buried so deeply till forever.All of us tasted fear.None of us, would ever imagine something like this.I fear I would never be able to see him again.I fear I would never play black jack with him again every cny.I fear I would never be able to play the fireworks bought by him sponsored by him every cny again.I fear I would never be teased by him ever again.I fear I would never get to listen to his hiccup-like laughter anymore.I fear I would never ever few his presence anymore.I fear I would never have the chance to see him grow up getting married having dozens of children anymore.Now everything about him just disappears.In thin air.All of a sudden.Could anyone bring him back?Please..?He is still so young.Pity him..:( His sisters, his parents, his relatives, everyone needed him so badly..The only leftovers now will be only the memories.Shattered in pieces ones.

Life isn't that fair after all.Isn't it?

People who posted stuff about Japan who asked everyone to pray for Japan, I beg you all to be really mean it.Some of you may just shared it around for the sake of sharing but please really try putting yourselves in the victim's shoe.Put yourselves in the victim's family shoe.People, be grateful. Appreciate.Never take for granted.You would not want to regret for your rest of your life losing someone you love.Care and love everyone around you..please..

remember a person in heart, not in mind.okiess..i am trying so hard..

Sunday, March 13, 2011

smile people smile

Halo world.Halo people.Have a nice day with Anqi jie jie in Empire Shopping Gallery today.XP Our journey was not as strenuous as I thought it will be because I stole my papa's Garnier GPS again to go there.LOL Nah..Not the first time since I used it to drive to SPCA in Ampang.Teeheee Did not buy anything but still satisfied because we at last went to a real genuine vintage bazaar for the first time.Hapi^^Wanted to visit one since long time ago.Pictures will be up tomorrow with my post..Reached home an hour ago back from family gathering with my papa best friends.XD Those parents chit chat non stop reminiscing but us--their kids boring like hell.== We havent see each other for ages and then pop we are all in teens and twenties..The only thing I could recall is one of them bit my hand till there's a teeth scar and I cried in my mummy's arm.Errr..I think I was still in kindergarden that time?O.O Forgot ady luu..And all the babies I played with had now grown up playing iphones itouch.err..hmn..btw I super dunlike my bangs T.T Just trimmed it yesterday and it made me look so childish T__T More childish as ever T__T i would kill to make it grow longer ==

Pray for the victims in Japan.. :) Ciao..

Thursday, March 10, 2011

the eagle

In 140 AD, twenty years after the unexplained disappearance of the entire Ninth Legion in the mountains of Scotland, young centurion Marcus Aquila (Tatum) arrives from Rome to solve the mystery and restore the reputation of his father, the commander of the Ninth. Accompanied only by his British slave Esca (Bell), Marcus sets out across Hadrian’s Wall into the uncharted highlands of Caledonia – to confront its savage tribes, make peace with his father’s memory, and retrieve the lost legion’s golden emblem, the Eagle of the Ninth.

Ahh I am so interested in watching this movie because I am so into Channing Tatum!!! I smelt his presence since I watch Step Up and Step Up 2: The Streets!!!Awesome!! He is so freaking hot! The Eagle trailer kind of reminds me the movie Little Big Soldier but I knew I love Rome epic more. By the way, its director, Kelvin Macdonald was nominated for the ALFS Award last year makes me put in high expectations in this movie.Hmn, I really wanted to watch this!
Here is its trailer:

Now, here's our chance to watch this! Adverlets is giving out 100 tickets now! Check out here for more details asap!

Movie Screening Details with Advertlets:
Venue  :  GSC Tropicana City Mall
Time     : 8.00PM
Date      : 22 March, Tuesday
Hall       : 10 (100 seats)
What are you waiting for people???


Lunch @ Restaurant Rosemary Bites♥

Halo world.Halo people.Here we go again.Me and my college mate wanted to explore Aman Suria to find Betty's Midwest Kitchen so badly since last semester. We slipped our chance previously because i ridiculously have my sweetheart avanza's headlamps on whole day till my battery gone dead.Ugh.Smack myself.However, as you can see, we failed to stuck our butt in Betty's Midwest Kitchen again this time as we found it was closed on Monday.T_T It closed on that very particular day.Smack my head again.LOL We found this particular classic restaurant serving classic american cuisine and give it a try.Coz there's no other restaurant for us to have lunch anymore except a few ban mee shop and a few hawker centers.lol

Tadaa I love the atmosphere there.See? They have this delicate little american flag tanglung hanging on their lamps eh.So chio.

 Me and Teh.Tadaa~Pixie time^^

Junrong and mememe again^^

See?Arent these adorable? Soldiers and vintage pictures all around this place.

 Jareil and Bernice.Thanks Jareil for making you driving so far for this lunch.bluek

yeah me and teh again :)

Fish and Chips.I was so regret I did not order this.I order fish and chip almost everytime I went in a steak house one.They said that its not bad but they prefer chilli sauce over the particular sauce they provide.LOL

Annger's BBQ chicken!!A little bit sweet for me.

 Tadaa.Mine.So cheesy and creamy.Nice^^ But it's so similar with those Jareil made for us when we are celebrating new year in her house.Really one.90 percent alike lo the taste.hmn..after all it is quite reasonable because all of us are ordering lunch set.^^

I like their deco.All American Style one lea. They have their baseball baseball caps deco and painted their walls blue made the atmosphere look so americanese.

Nom Nom

See? My plate.lol 

Rosemary Bites Restaurant 
A-G-28, PJU 1/43, Aman Suria Damansara, 47301 PJ Selangor, Malaysia.

For Reservation : 03-7805-2088

xoxo muaks ciao! :)