Sunday, February 13, 2011

My College Mate ♥♥♥

Had a presentation on Saturday.XD Super duper nervous +less preparation+ my not that formal outfit = low Somemore rehearsal only a few times with Anqi.Hmn..However our group marks turn out ok ok lor..:)

  I made them take this picture.Haha I was this insane girl who brings her camera EVERYDAY to They are forced to be my model one.teheeee XP

 #1-Jareil--> super chio stripe top +grey pants

 #2-Cindy--> black elegant dress+chio silver necklace

#3- Junrong--> super cool blouse with the flowery thingy in front(lol) + hot blazer

 #4-Anqi-->long sleeve zebra strip blouse + nice white skirt

As for me.Say also I paiseh.Haha I wear what I wore when I worked part time in One Noodle Restaurant.lollllll Waitress Gonna get a full set of formal clothes

Seriously cant wait for tomorrow.XP Have fun everyone.:)♥XOXO ILY


XCB said...

that's all? i tot got more leh lol

Kian Fai said...

lol Blur! Happy V Day to you <3

Angie Teh said...

rong rong is the pretties~~~

$h@RON 大小姐 said...

enjoy ur college life ya~
checkin mine too~

Anonymous said...

In my case, everytime i have a presention..i do better when i'm not prepared lool than when i try to rehearse and practice.
Hope you did it well! :)