Monday, February 28, 2011


 Let me teach you how to blog a post within 15 this.

My conversation with Annger(151cm tall):

Thx Annger ==

Conversation with Joey(xcb)


Ok. stop now.Thx Bye^^

Friday, February 25, 2011


Utterly boring and distracting myself by writing something. Found out that I have been blogging so insanely frequent last month but nothing typically ignites my desire to write these few weeks.Or maybe too many unforeseen 'best things' happened to me so unusually and unpredictably that had drawn me away from So dont blame me.bluek.Surprisingly my average blog visitors can still maintain 100 plus minus a Probably those ang mo dropping by after googling 'domokun'.Ughh.Its raining so heavily now.Thunderstorm happily took part in it too.Wonder how is it there.Hmn..Hate count downs nowadays.Spit you count down.LOL kidding haha At least I have the opportunity to count Three ferrero rochers. Maybe one a month? Hope it doesnt expired so 
Be grateful for what you have now♥Appreciate everything and everyone before you regret :) XOXO
btw, this is the 101th post~hurray:) 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

best thing ever happen to me

 Chao Da (Burnt) cookies==

Teehee The last picture is funnehh Did you realize that there isnt a movie name I Love You showing on cinema? Haha Its the short form of "I Love HK Umum" and then it became "I love You" loll Sweet for couples eh? Happy Belated Valentine's Day everyone!:) 

XOXO domkun is smilling :) 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

My College Mate ♥♥♥

Had a presentation on Saturday.XD Super duper nervous +less preparation+ my not that formal outfit = low Somemore rehearsal only a few times with Anqi.Hmn..However our group marks turn out ok ok lor..:)

  I made them take this picture.Haha I was this insane girl who brings her camera EVERYDAY to They are forced to be my model one.teheeee XP

 #1-Jareil--> super chio stripe top +grey pants

 #2-Cindy--> black elegant dress+chio silver necklace

#3- Junrong--> super cool blouse with the flowery thingy in front(lol) + hot blazer

 #4-Anqi-->long sleeve zebra strip blouse + nice white skirt

As for me.Say also I paiseh.Haha I wear what I wore when I worked part time in One Noodle Restaurant.lollllll Waitress Gonna get a full set of formal clothes

Seriously cant wait for tomorrow.XP Have fun everyone.:)♥XOXO ILY

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy CNY everyone!!

Chubs~it has been a long long time since I update my blog.a proper post i mean excluding the crap*.lol.sowiee..I am back^^Tadaa~A conclusion when I was editing my photos.TT --> I gain a lot of weight!!!!In a year!!omg==It isn't the conclusion I get from the fact that I am the fattest among my cousins, as I have accept the fact that I have always been the fattest, forever is and impossible not being the fatest(Johorians are sticks and never grow fat), it is that I kinda compare my 2010 cny pictures with the pictures recently and and and and then found that..TT my face gets chubbier and chubbier and my limbs are getting rounder and fatter and flabbier TT wana cry ady T.T

see?2010--> 2011 *sobs* I cant stop eating since i went uni :(

Well..lets not destroy the mood of my post XP I had a very awesome cny this year.In fact every year I have an enjoyable time during cny!!^^ The only reason is that I get to balik kampung to visit all my lovely relatives and lovely cousins!!!^^ Since my hometown is so far from KL, me and my cousins only get to meet each other 2 to 3 times a year TT and since I went to uni my bro's holiday clash with my classes we could not go back that often.sobs* I love my cousins very much :) They are soo lovely and chio and cute.Dying to introduce them to you one loh.If I have time.O.o

Nah~~ This is  Yu En, mny cousin's daughter XD 6 this year :) She looks like she is annoyed but noooooo! I asked her to do some ugly pig face and then this IS her ugly face.I am not forcing her to take picture with me eh.haha

 My cousin~Yang Yang~So cute right? Hahaaa The hotdog lips I teach him one.hahaaa I keep asking him to be my boyfriend and he soo paiseh.loll

 Its 初二. XD Our reunion dinner.

 For ur info, from all the dishes above, I ate only pork and duck and scallop.XP I dun like the vege eh.:(

 We have to take turns to have dinner because not enough space.== See? All husband first.Wives after them.Why not ladies first one?? Because they wana quickly finish eating then wana play mahjong ady.cheh

 The children's table.Of course I will never get to sit the adult table one.TT They got more dishes one

 My grandma's signature dish!!!!!!!! The 扣肉.what they call them in english a?hmn..

My favourite~~Duckkk~Quack quackk~haha I only took photos of my favourite dish.hahaa

 Wei Wei, me, Grace, Jia jia and my ah yi~~

 Pixie time^^ The girlss~~XD 

Again~~ This one have me already!! Guess who's taking the photo??? Our Yu En~Pro right? lol ( The red colour dress 6-yr old little girl in the previous photo is yu en for ur info XP)

She's only form 1.And has a bf already.Faint*

Zi mui~Having a great time taking pixies non stop XP I am the oldest eh.Still camwhoring== Duh

I know I look older than her.But the fact is Lee Yi is older than me 2 years.TT

 I know I am shorter than her even if she takes off her shoe.But the fact is Grace is youger than me 4 years!!!!!Grr..Why I so short one ah?

 The shortest of all.Why? KL's pollution shorten me TT LOLL

 My lovely grandpa hahaaa He keeps on giggling when he took this photo.Just found that he has very lenglui grandchildren LOL

 Tadaa~Diabetes memories XD Jia jia so good got polaroid TT I want one

Happy CNY everyone!! My cny is great this year.Watching horror movies with my cousins till 6 am in the morning.Duh.Car crash again.Luckily no one gets hurt.But felt great when we found that we caused a big traffic jam hahaha Hmn..2 accidents already in 2 months. Gona go temple pray already.XP Awesome time playing fire crackers gambling non no pixies of them because I scare kena catch by Tadaa~Thats all for now~ 3 more outing post to come lol I am sooo outgoing eh.Faster ask me out ask me out XP


Monday, February 7, 2011


i wish i could hold my breathe inside the water forever.stay inside forever.see nothing.hear nothing.know nothing.Peacefulness desperately needed. Would not need to know about everything.Would not need to care about anything.okay. i need to be more and more and more forgetful and forgiving to ease my life :) smile more :D :D okie dokie :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!! 
Gong Xi Fa Chai~
Gong hee fat choiii!! 
Huat ahhhh!!!!Huat ahhh!!!!^^
Have an early reunion dinner with my dear sakaisss yesterday:) sooo happy :) 
wait for me to come back ya then gather again teehee 
Hmn..Hope can get more angpao this year~~teehee $.$
Jia jia Jiayee all my lovely cousins I am coming back ya XDXDXD mua~
bak gua I am coming toooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha
will miss YOU ALL <3 ^^