Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NHK Tokyo's Kawaii With Lai & Maiko AND Cheesie & Audrey *faint**faint*

*Fainted again.* Reminiscing the day when I felt I had actually reborn at last and then looking at myself in the mirror nao.(O.o) Depressed.Why my makeup would not last forever!!Permanent-tisation desperately Looking at the pictures taken again and again,maybe the girl that day wasn't me eh.She was my twin sister.Long lost twin sister found by NHK Tokyo's Kawaii 's hosts--Lie ( Lai ) and wtf  Now, the story goes on. To be a true fashionista in Malaysia, it was quite tricky for us to be one as Malaysia is not as fashion flooded as in Japan or Korea.We are only pursuing fashion in a super slow pace, far behind the others. Moreover we will be even described as a freak if we wear some super fashion outfit which is so damn trendy in other countries but not in Malaysia. People stares at you like a Watever..

Japanese fashion is one of the most popular,admired and all the rage in the world AND TADAAAAA~ Lie ( Lai ) and Maiko, hosts from NHK Tokyo's Kawaii , a Japan Broadcasting Network arrived Malaysia to help Malaysians to become gyaru!! Audrey and Cheesie blogged the the day before telling us that anyone could meet them in KLCC and join them for a makeup.Teehee And tadaa~me, xuer, jaqueline and christy was so excited and wanna have a try.XD I have already knew NHK as xiaxue's blog mention about them too.Lai and Maiko was in Singapore before they came here.Hurray~ We are so lucky :)

Warning: Pictures flooded post.Damn flooded ones.tsunami!!

We were asked to meet them in front of the fountain at KLCC.Arrived earlier as supposed.XP Too excited so bear with us.:D

My outfit of the day.Kinda regret because didnt wear high heels.TT I was the shortest.O.o But I have no high heels also LOL Dunt scold me.haha

Met Audrey and Cheesie at Dome.:D Love Cheesie mermaid hair.I wan alsooo.Wait my hair grow longer first.:D They are so cute! See? Fashionistas^^Double fashionistas:) Bloggers you know them right? Dunt tell me you dont eh.LOL I think most of the girls read their blog everyday one loh.

Met Lie ( Lai ) and Maiko later.Ohaiyo~~Teehee They are so enthusiastic and gave us a big warm hug each.The first time we meet we are given a hug already.Kawaii!!Happy^^ Their outfit soo fashion flooded eh.Their photos later let you see. Japanese are really cool one eh I tell you.We were then brought to some hotel nearby to have our makeup done.Teehee We were so crazy and brave enough to step in some unknown van with some strangers to some unknown nothing horrible happen.XP Amazing things happen thou.Teehee

Inside the van.Behind:Xuer, me,Yuki. Front: Christy,Jacqueline and Yokoi.

Audrey and Cheesie's 


Waiting at the lobby :) Girls never waste time one.Time to camwhore^^

I am a

Arent we hot babes? LOL wait till you see us with our makeup XP

Lai look so hot and gyaru one loh.You know which one is Lai ( Lie ) lah. She's so hot I tell you. She's damn hotter in real person a hundred times than she is now in the photos.Really one.

Lai ( Lie ) teaching us how to make our face smaller LOL See Audrey and Cheesie keep pressing their face while they already have the smallest face in the

Looking at them massaging while we having the big face ones just staring at them no wtf again haha

Teehee Lai ( Lie ) squatting there like a children. Kawaii anott?? Why you all readers fashionistas didnt come for the make up? Hahaaa Envy already?lol

Camwhoring under the light.Kawaiii!!

Makeup starts. Maiko was so good that she help us one by one eh.Touched.TT First time other people help me makeup and somemore a Japanese fashionista eh!!! I am the luckiest girl in the world :)

Finished fixing our eyebrow and base makeup. How do we look like?Pale and white?lol

All my pimples are successfully covered.Omg.Never had a such smooth white pale skin before one loh.TT Once in a lifetime only.TT Maiko was so pro enough to mix the base colour according to our skin tone.Chio!

Still in the process of makeup.Cheesie and Audrey already hungry digging for food.I am so hungry too suddenly.Ran to the food after taking this

Pizza hut and Kentucky!!XD

After lunch~Back to makeup again Teeheee

Can you see what have we done? See properly! Our eyebrows!!! Hahaa Brown eyebrows we have!Yay~Xuer is the most happy one because at last she has eyebrows !!lol Duno why I think I look like crayon shin-chan.No idea.LOL

Eye make up starts! Our lovely Christy is the model!Teehee

Maiko's explaining to us about the eye make up.

Tadaa~Me with my eye line done.teehee We were supposed to try ourself but mine is done by Maiko. Sowwieee T^T I haven done this before so I dun really know how.TT Thankiu very muchie :)

Fake eyelashess time^^

Ughh.That's me.Its so scary everyone looking at you plus the camera man pointing the camera soo damn near to your face.LOL Everyone's looking at me.Seriously.Everyone.OMG O.o Sowie because I need Lai's help also.I haven touch a fake eyelash before in my whole life eh.I am so not lady like I know.T.T They are basically figuring the reason my right and left fake eyelashes aren't balance. And then Maiko, our boss came and then did something on my fake eyelashes ( I dunno what she did because I kenot see wtf) and then everyone was like "Ooohhh~~~" "Ahhhhhh~" and then I was like (o.O) because I have no idea what happened to hahaa But my eyelashes turn out balace

And our makeup session took us a few hours.It's 5 something already.LOL Chio right? 11am till now.haha
Transformation ends successfully. And here we are~ Tadaaa~~~
Christy and me~:D How izzit? She looks soo hot I know :D Lurve her hairstyle!

Jacqueline and me.How izzit? She looks soooo attractive right??? Long legs also TT sobs* Why I so short one TT

Xuer and me.Teehee She looks totally different loh.Really one. She transforms the most.Sooo kawaii!!!Sweet:) She look really sweet really really sweet.:)

Super hot babes I know~We are HAWT!!!!!!!!!HAWTTTTT!!!!HAWTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! Transformation big enough?Chio enough?? Look back the photos I post upstair and you will agree with me one.XD Behind : Lai on the right and Maiko on the left.^^

Photo with Maiko!!!Thanks a lot.i MISS her TT

Camwhoring with Lai.She's soooo enthusiastic.Teehee

LOL Lai taught us this pose.Everyone look soo sexy right?lol Lai I miss you!!!:(

Our boss~Audrey and Cheesie!!! of Foruchizu Gyaru!!!!! We are seniors already haha Come join us! Seroius one!! Are you interested in gyaru style??? We have a group already.^^

Vain pictures again while waiting in the lobby for photo shooting in front of Pavillion.LOL

Apparently we are more chio than before and more confident with ourselves than before.Thanks to NHK!!!Thanks to Lai and Maiko!!!!

We look hawt!

How izzit? tehheee XP

Ahh..Luve you all :) Nice frens I met..hehe XCB gang we are? XCB gang rocks Tehee

Reached the Pavillion front door. People started gathering around us. I know we look hawt. haha People stopped and look at us.Took our photos.And even wanna take photos with us as if we are stars.Really one eh.Haha We even heard someone whispering" They look like dolls eh" wtf haha teeheee Lai and Maiko was so high and started telling the strangers stopping by about us.Teehee Hosts are really hosts.XD We rocks I know.Teeheeeeee

Our picture taken with everyone!!! So chio right??? teehee We look like some super hawt babes.Japanese also.Or Japanese People staring at us made us paiseh but happy loh.teeehe Time to say goodbye with Lai and Maiko.Sobs* Japanese people are lovely.They cried when we say goodbye.T^T Aih..Once in a lifetime, I meet you guys and our friendship last forever^^ Although there is a high possibility that we would not meet again, at least we have met each other:) It's fate that brings us together :) I believe that.:)

More vain pictures to be posted.Stay tune.You would not believe it.Teeheee XOXO I have school tomorrow!!!Dunwannnnnnn~~~~~~o.O


Sydney said...

cooooooooooool!!!! they're so cute and i like your outfit and the make up :)))
your pose in the last pic in epic :))) sexy!

qi said...

wow,successfully transformed~~~

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I see prettie girls here XD

Lilian Hii (백합) said...

You look so hot ;)

--andy-- said...

hawt? but you gals sure look HOT !!

Nana Lana said...

wow, NICEY NICEY! great fun for u girls!!

-LuvergalViv- said...

OMGGGG!!!! i super jealous weyyy!!! when i saw the invite to go to klcc it was sunday evening already FML to the maxxx!!! =(

u guys had sooo much fun im so jealous! and the make over looks great on you =) btw, maiko n lie both very tanned horr?

Glo-w~* said... much fun^^ wish I could have joined~ =(

Chuen said...

love your outfit. you look gorgeous :)

Casley said...

crayon shin-chan??? no way.. u look great sweetie!!

Jieyan said...

wow. u look so pretty with the make up and ur fren really changed a lot! btw, super agree u, when we wear like super trendy like other country ppl stare at us =.= and say that u look mature n aunty. wtf.

Jessy said...

Wow nice nice! U all really look like dolls after the make up=)

HocanLai said...

O.O wahhhhh.... so many girls... and i found domoku ther.. haha..

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u're beautiful ! can i kiss u ?! jk la ;p but u look famoussssss d ! domokun !!!

Dewi Batrishya said...

Whoaa!! Great Day!
So jealous now! (>.<)

Baboon Tan said...

the last pict is awesome! :)
I should say "hawt" LOL!

must be a good experience eh? :D

YEEINGNG ♥ said...

Omg damn pretty and hot you all! Nice!

saltvinegar said...

Are you going for the one tomorrow?