Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Current Addiction^^

This is it. It's 1.30 am and I am still lying on my bed with my laptop on my lappie.It's still early for me to get in. Holidays are a total waste for me coz i had not really "do" something.:P Hanging out with friends,surfing,blogging and reading fictions are basically my life this holiday. Miss my school days.Better studying than rotting at home :[]

My current addiction.Maximum Ride by James Patterson.I read this series few years ago when I was still studying in secondary school.Borrowed it from Sri Damansara Club library.I was a nerdy bookworm since secondary school.Aiks.I remember I get a third place in writing the most book reviews when I was form4 I I still have the trophy haha 

 3 other books I borrow.:D Saw JRR Tolkien ones?Teehee I am trying to finish these before my class starts.XD Aiks.Let me grumble a little.:( I have only 2 subjects for second semester and I still have to go sunway everyday.Aiksss. The timetable really sucks.:(

 Currently addicted to emo songs. a lin-give me a reason to forget^^ A really nice one. I love their lyrics soo much.XD Yay Did you realise I change my domokun wallpaper? Teehee Xuer and me camwhore pix as my new wall.*Chubs XD

Try listen it for yourself.XD

Best listen at night with your headphone:D

My pink ginger bread man earphone.Its not even 10 ringgit.Cheap ehh :P Used to giggling all night watching those hilarious taiwanese programs till I feel sleepy.And this is it,I am yawning already.Hurray wow its so late Nah~used to it already XP

Love ya~Nights^^


aian said...

wow. u also love readin eh? haha. no wonder u won third place. haha

XCB said...

eh i also put that photo as desktop bg jor heheh

domokun said...

aian:loll teehee
xcb:yayyyy luv u haha