Monday, January 3, 2011

My countdown !!!!!XDXDXD Nais♥ For Goodness Saké & Marmalade @ Bangsar Village II

Yayyy~ planned to havE a count down party at jareil's.XD a nice plan it turns out~Wuhoo XDXD As planned by me and Jareil, we will be having lunch in bangsar village and then cooking ourselves for dinner wuhoo.After dinner~swimming till late night teeheee Lastly~wine!wine!wine XD After all frens r the best XD besides family la of course.^^

While waiting at the nobody-station for Jareil, we have a mini photoshoot LOL

We went to  Bangsar Village II as planned for lunch.

 Tallest Christmas Tree in Asia XD made using 850,000 lego bricks.O.O I forced them to take one.XP

Yay~Went to For Goodness Sake there.It is famous for their robata yaki.The bbq dishes.

 The menu.Only one page onli.== BTW, they serve robata yaki only for dinner.TT cries*

 Cabbage and carrot:) free one XD

 The soy sauce container looks like a tap to me XP

 Here comes our udon with duck breast meat.I luvvvv the soup a lot XDXD

 FGS maki!!!!The eggs are very fresh.Cant describe.It really burst off in ur mouth one by one ones!!XDXD

 saba shioyaki~niceee fresh but really small portion XD

 Nasu yaki~grilled eggplant XD i luv eggplant a lot but this one really dun hav any flavour at all.O.o I and Jareil eat it with soy sauce and chilli powder.A lot.LOL

Next stop~Marmalade XD Famous for their cakes and quiche XD Annger our food guide was tempted to visit this after our shopping for ingredients for our dinner.We are still full so we agreed to only ACCOMPANY her in.But it turns out we all all tempted.==

Playing with basically we are trying to pretend to be couples.And my "wife" is pregnant LOLLLL I luv u guysss haha I think we are the noisiest there LOL

Random ones.I miss u guys XD arent they cute?lol

 I luve the ambiance XD

 Its quite packed there.XD

 This was nice!!!!XD Salmon quiche.XD hot one.The first time i tried a quiche.Egg with salmon whoa niceeee  XD but expensive :(

 The portion was quite big though XP

 Carrot cake.Sooo healthy as u can

 Taste like banana cake XD

 Lemon  tart.It tasted ok for my zi mui but its sourness kills me.== Cant try second time after the first.Weird!Ouekkk

 It may taste delicious to you.Ewwwww...==

 Blueberry cheese cake.RICH cheese.Could be eaten with yogurt.But we are not so used to it.Atlas we leave the yogurt untouched.LOL

 Tadaaa~nice  overall but expensive XD

 Group photo XD

Outfit of the day XD

Thats all for nao.Will update our cooking post 2mrw loll XD nights everyone.I bet everyone have fun during their new year eve.I have a very special an interesting one.XD cooking with my zimui is more fun than anithing else.XD Although we are quite clumsy in preparing, we still enjoy the process.From buying till preparing till eating XD muacks i luv my frens a lot ^^

Deal with it or leave.serious one.XD teehee XOXO Extra love for myself again today coz i thought i have but actually none.Bai!XD


qi said...

yohoo~~~1st one^^

Chuckie Cotton said...

The cheesecake...wah....tempting...

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Eason said...

wOW those cake ...OMg ....look good ~

Euniceee said...

HOi!!!!! so nice food never share! hmmph! angry u liao...>.<

domokun said...

qi:lol congrats XD
chuckei cotton:tempting n nice XD
eason:taste good too hehe
euniceee:lol next time bring u der ok?lol