Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lovely Gathering With My Sakais XD "The Season Of The Witch" & Lunch @Xiao Fei Yang(Hong Fook restaurant)

It has been a while since I met my secondary friends.Since last Christmas.XP Teehee That kauze asked us out for a movie and I chose The Season Of The Witch.Teheee I haven't watch its trailer and have no idea what the movie is about before I watch this. I really thought it was a movie about nicholas cage being adventurous, met a few bad witches in erm the woods or what, it will be an adventurous movie like Harry Potter.Duh.And turns out it's like a horror movie.Not that horror lah.Scary.LOLL All of them was like sooo surprised when the movie start.The revival of one of the The sound effect.The horrible face of the witch.LOLL I kinda peek from my fingers so I think I missed the scary part but my friends were like omg omg omgg lolll and some more kauze never see scary movie one.Hahaaa I made them watch this.Teehe So happy loll

I brought them to try Xiao Fei Yang(Hong Fook restaurant) to try the Sze Chuan Steamboat.Teehee Dying to have this since last time I went there with Annger.XP

This bald head china man simply tick those ingredients without asking our permission LOL

Our lamb meat^^

Pork Meat^^

Tadaa Our soup XDXD Because of yj we have to order 2 types of soup.He kenot eat spicy things.Turn out all 6 of us sharing the sze chuan style soup and he himself ate everything in the normal  non spicy soup.XP

Fish Ball XD

Forgot what are they talking about already.

Preserved mango.O.O I found that I really could not eat this.T.T I dunlike the weird sourness.Hmnn..Like the lemon tart last time.O.O

Joey's mixed sauce.XD Their green sauce nice^^

Ingredients Loaded.XD

Ingredients Loaded II.

It seems like a lot but we were not full at all.It is quite expensive as the soup have to be charged rm18 separately TT But the soup is nice lahh.They said that it is not that spicy but everyone have their lips turned into red hotdogs when they start eating LOL Its spicy For 7 of us its about RM105 XD 

Our next stop~Tadaa~Mill Wheel in Kepong XDXD 炮兵^^

Kauze who came back from Australia have less pimples and then skinnier liao XD I wana go there too.LOL

Milk Tea Lychee XD Milk Tea ice cream with lychee flavour ice underneath Wuhooo I luv milk tea XD

Sneak Peek XD

This one is chocolate mango.Teehee Chocolate ice cream with mango ice underneath XDXD Chocolate rocksss!!XD

Is this big?LOL

3 Posers.XD

Tadaa~My best fren Muacks XD

Me!Me!Me! XD

Do we look inseparable?LOL muackss XD

Pictures of me.Pictures of you.^^XD

TADAA..thats all for now.Luv you all Teehee See you next time!Bai!XD XOXO


HocanLai said...

Milk Tea Lychee.. yummy~ i wan eat..

qi said...

hohoho steamboat^^

sHaH said...

the choclocate mango looks delicious.. how much is everything..

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

not bad film..

but I still prefer Nicolas Cage to act in films like National Treasure..:)

-LuvergalViv- said...

okay i hate u.

u make me so crazy hungry. its 5am and thanks to ur pics i'm craving of spicy soup and icecream =(

*JacQueliNe* said...

Hungry hungry hungry..><''