Monday, January 3, 2011

Last 2010 home-cook dinner ^^

We have this awesome idea of cooking ourselves at 31st of december, our last dinner in 2010.whoa today is jan 3rd already ==  an outdated post.i dun care.Dying to let you all see our home-cook super delicious dinner XD

Our ingredients:
beef steak
pork steak
chicken's gizzard
angel hair spaghetti
cheese powder

 Wash hands~Lets start ya~XD

 First, marinate our beef steak.I start marinating the steak by putting soy sauce oyster sauce blabla The pork steak is already marinated Teehee After that~washing the mushrooms and the broccoli~cut cut cut~ 

Helpful ones^^

 Taught them how to peel and cut the onions and garlics Teehee gotcha start boiling a pot of water and preheating the oven already^^

And then~lets lie down a while LOL tired lar~XP

Continuing XD

 Desperate housewife?LOL

Love this part the most.XDXD Start grilling XDXD Jareil is in charge coz only she knows how to use her oven LOL the meat is beautiful.LOLL

Our part~XD Cook our angel's hair and then start making the sauce.^^Mushrooms then onions then garlics then sauce then CHEESEEEE!!!!!Niceeeeeeee^^ I love cheese XD

Lastly broccolis are in!Tadaa~our spaghetti~Actually the angel hair is overcooked and turns out it taste like vermicelli LOL our steak is overcooked too.But nais aso loohh^^

Our last dinner.Teeheee
Angel hair spaghetti with broccoli
fresh tomatoes
overcooked grilled pork steak
ngam ngam ho cooked grilled beef steak
not cooked grilled chicken's glizzard LOL
LOL I made everyone of us talk about our sins and resolutions before starting our dinner.haha

 Our dessert^^ Home made tiramisu XDXD Niceee!!Given by our neighbours.Ahem.Jareil's neighbours^^

Happy 2011!!!!

Super awesome scenery from Jareil's apartment XDXD 19th floor Magnificent view and it's surprisingly awesome when the clock strikes 12 O.O Fireworks everywhere!!XDXD Very nice ^^

New Year Resolution
Study hard play hard
be mature impossible
keep fit.i am too fat already.impossible
stop eating too much LOL impossible
noe more frens.XD
stop emoing
overcome my stupid phobiaS==
be nice to everyone
 fashionista me
less pimples
be more forgiving
sleep a little bit earlier impossible
save more money to buy dslr faster impossible
eat less
be more considerate
be more sharing
visit spca every 2 months impossible
consume less food which has a face..less meat lah
be more girly
try to talk more softly..too rough already==nobody wants me LOL
stop believing ppl so easily
smile more laugh less LOL
try to get some love this year

thats all for today^^ciao Extra love for you all.Sharing is caring LOL XOXO Bai!


XCB said...

y so many impossible one a? dat's y u must only have one new year resolution like me

qi said...

gambateh bar^^

˙·٠•●♥ Stephanie ♥●•٠·˙ said...

Wow ur pics are nice ^^

laila said...

ha ha! me too! I wanna save up for an SLR too. but I'm close to impossible!

happy new year! :DD

*JacQueliNe* said...

LOL! Nice dishes! All food looks super delicious! x)

domokun said...

xcb:thats y i am trying to make them possible LOL
qi:u too XP
stephanie:thx <3<3 teehee
laila:lol happy new year~wish our dream cum true XD
jacqueline:haha thx thx XP

Eason said...

@@ wowww....those foods look good ~~

domokun said...

hhaha wanna try?LOL thankiu^^

jAr3IL said...

love u guys really!!!^^

domokun said...

haha i luv u 2 jareil hehee