Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Khai Chee~ My Primary School Gathering^^ XOXO

Ka Wun's back from Australia already for his semester break! Yan Sheng's enthusiasm has bought us all together.We, Khai Chee kias finally succeeded organising a gathering meeting all the old primary school friends.Wuhoo It has been years since I saw them.Oh.Of course besides Xuer and Yubing la.teheee Thanks to Kah Wun for treating all of us that night and thanks to Yan Sheng for the effort gathering all of us.^^

Our Standard 5 Class Photo.Can you find me?haha I dunt think anyone can.lol Can you spot xuer too? XD

I drove Xuer to Kah Wun's house and reached there at 6.30pm.XD Here our bbq starts...

Xuer and Kah Wun busy preparing the chicken wings to be grilled. Joey with her famous uniqlo t shirt.lol Turns out most or the girls recognise her shirt eh.thanks to her blog.haha

Silly face Carmen has.haha

Tadaa~~ Our chicken wings with honey.Niceee!!

See? All of us got help out one eh.^^ So busy XD

It looks yucky but it taste awesome k? So sad I ate one only :( Can you see xuer's ring dripping blood..LOL

We have chicken wings, lamb steak,nuggets, fishballs, hotdogs, crab meat, corns, french fries etc..The lamb steak rocks!!!XD


Our Kahwun trying to act yeng.haha

Oh noo.Cancerous...but nais :P Bad technique we have.lol

We girls gossip about our funny things when we are in primary school.lol I call our teacher " Squirrel" haha then ends up whole class get punished.hahaaa Aiyor..coz she really looks like one :(

Miss u guys..Quite surprising because we girls still can chit chat whole night non stop although we havent meet each other for years!!XD

I am the second tallest eh.:P

The girls change a lot!All long hair already XD

LOL I am kinda look stupid here.haha I was struggling to place my hand on yubing's shoulder and then ends up I forgot that she is hell taller than me so much that I could not even reach it.== She kinda have this (=_____=) face and turns out I could not stop laughing LOL See the other girls pairs have nice post we dunt have.:(

The guys.:D

The lengluis ...LOL

I love my shoe.TT

Blondes.lol All of us dyed our hair eh.XD

Xuer looks like a monster with long tongue.hahaa Xuer dont scold me.Bluek XP

Then Xuer transform into another monster with big cheeks long face small eyes hahahaha Xuer dunt keel me.XD

Ahh..Have no idea what is Xuer doing.Her short fingers.lolll

I drink 3 cans of pepsi that night.O.o Sookin drink 7 packets of Yeo's kekhwa juice.Chio right us?LOL

 Xuer's sunglasses eh.XD Mine is cheetah pattern one.Also chio.Show off next time^^

 Sook kin going to UK soon :( Must gather again ahh :) Why only me still rotting in Malaysia :( Yeo's packet drink again LOL

French fries as my dinner.XD

Tadaa~Group photo of the day..^^ Nice right? XDXD Hope we could gather together again during CNY T.T Can you spot me? haha CNY must gather ok? Coz I miss gambling with you guys.O.o haha We are gambling ghost XP

Thats all for now.A lot of pictures I know.XP XOXO Ciao everyone!!!!Domo Dmo rocks!!:P


Kian Fai said...

wow BBQ XD I didnt have BBQ with primary schoolmate b4, due to economic and place improvement. My previous gathering is at Asia Cafe wtf? XD

Angie Teh said...

looks fun ^^

HocanLai said...

i saw u in ur primary sch pic!! the domo face with short hair de.. hahaha... xD

Dewi Batrishya said...

Wow! Awesome day for you all...
Nice company hor??? XD That's nice..

--andy-- said...

XCD your classmate? Good to keep in touch with buddies, my Primary school friends are 20 years already, we still gather :)

Casley said...

aww primary sch gathering.. awesome.. somemore u n xuer are friends since primary.. cool!! xD

Kelvin Tan said...

LOL. So which is you in the primary picture?