Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone^^

Just came back from Sungei Wang this evening.Sooo tired TT Terrible headache coz laughing non stop having fun non stop plus swimming plus shopping plus cooking this 2 days lol 2mrw gotcha going out again lol gonna post out some pics first now~will update later ya XD
Today in Sungei Wang.Having fun with our tall guy yehvin teehee 

new year eve in jareil's house.XD

I lurve my zi mui a lot XDXDXD

Cooking time^^ Miss u guys XP

Tadaaa~Our last 2010 dinner lol

Luv hanging out with you guys XD Happy ^^ Love you all always <3
:) Super duper tired already.Nights XD

XOXO Deal with it.That's me XP 


Anonymous said...

SoOOooo SweEt ^^
MiSS thAt niGht veRy MucH~~

qi said...

haha XD such a unforgetable niteXD
Anonymous:r u rong rong ?

domokun said...

lolll i thought the first one was anqi lol aiyo put ur name leehhhh XP btw,luv u guys XD

hanafi said...

wah so many foods for an extraordinary grrr power

domokun said...

LOLLL teehee