Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!! 
Gong Xi Fa Chai~
Gong hee fat choiii!! 
Huat ahhhh!!!!Huat ahhh!!!!^^
Have an early reunion dinner with my dear sakaisss yesterday:) sooo happy :) 
wait for me to come back ya then gather again teehee 
Hmn..Hope can get more angpao this year~~teehee $.$
Jia jia Jiayee all my lovely cousins I am coming back ya XDXDXD mua~
bak gua I am coming toooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha
will miss YOU ALL <3 ^^ 


Angie Teh said...

Happy Chinese New Year!!!!!

Cecilia said...

hey! darling!! welcome back!! miss u lotsa!

XCB said...

eh this photo i no cute le i got so many kawai photos wat