Saturday, January 15, 2011

Digi Live Kpop Party 2011♥♥

Have been praying everyday hoping I could get to see a real concert since the FT Island's big failure concert.My lucky friend Xuer won the FT Island tickets few years ago and I was so effing excited aka happy aka thrilled aka shocked because I thought at last I could get to see one.A true concert. Of my idol.Duh.And then.You wudn't know what happened next.One in a million chance and then duh the concert was cancelled. Duh.Yup.Cancelled.Thanks to a stupid entertainment company in Malaysia failing to meet some stupid requirements as agreed.Duh.Turns out we,the ultimate "Loyal Fans" protest in front of the stadium till midnight.No FT.No concert.LOL Stupid.We even called those mass media intending to expose their wicked deeds.LMAO 
Shaking off these horrible memories and tadaa I am here,having a chance to enjoy an effing tremendous concert!!!The Digi Live Kpop Party 2011!Yay~Tehee Presented by B2st, 4 minute and!!Hurray! XDXDXD Hereby thanks to Annger, for giving me her only spare ticket.Teehee Only for me hehee Please bear with me because I have too many pictures before the concert ones.XP

Here we are.Our quest starts from Time Square.Went there to have a short window shopping and also to ease our hunger. :D

Nah.This is not our dinner lol Our Annger's favourite~Ice cream.Gelato Fruity ones.

Poser her :D Nola..I ask her to pose one.XP

So colourful.O.O See the blue ones? Its name is "baby blue"== How does baby blue taste like?Err...

They very kiam siap one. Trying to make Annger's ice cream so flat.Peanut Butter and Chocolate.Rich Chocolate :D

Next stop: My favourite ♥ Shilin Taiwan Street Snacks Teeheee Love their XXL Crispy Chicken XDXDXD My all time favourite :D

While waiting.Teehee

Who looks older? Aih Me la I know.TT 

Tadaa~Annger's dinner.Happy Rice Box Set! :D

Tofu + Chicken + Century Egg+ Rice

My dinner.Teehee XXL Crispy Chicken.They have this new edition lol wasabi flavoured one.Taste quite weird but edible lah.It's a little bit too bitter because of the wasabi powder.:D

Tadaaa~Here we are~Stadium Negara @ 5 something. (p/s: It starts only at 8pm lol)
Fans have been queuing up and reached here since morning.We have to go there early because ours are free sitting ones XD

Pathetic.It started to rain when we reached there.Luckily I brought an umbrella.Or else we have to stand in the rain for like omg 3 hours? hell no.O.o 

Romantic?LOL Camwhoring under the rain under the umbrella.Duh.



I look terrible.Before after.It was so hot and I have to tie my bunch of hair.Aiks I look like an auntie.

Tadaa~ Our tickets ♥

Rain stops at last.:D

Hurray~Inside the stadium.Whoaa Soo lucky.It is an indoor one lea.XD Eggcited like hell.:D :D :D
 T-stage :D's  mv!!

 Everyone was so high even when the concert hasnt start yet.:D performs first.I love her vocal.She has a really nice voice! XD But she is soo nervous and she tends to forget her lyrics.Its okay^^ I love the song "I 'll Back Off So You Can Live Better" Its nice.Just nice.The lyrics is soo nice.Maybe if it is in a language I understand, would I cry? :)

 4 minute was the next one.Teehee They were sooo hot!! Hot pants make them so effing hot!!!!XD

 Whoa~High Kick~~~Kick Ass~~~~~

 She was smiling so adorably and its the only reason I post this blur picture.XD

And~This is it~~~~XDXDXD B2st!!!!!!!!!! Okay.I wasn't into them before this concert, and I was kinda laughing non stop when I saw their" breath" mv.I was laughing at its plot coz it is a liitle exaggerative. I was wrong.Turns out they are sooo damn hot!!!!!!! when they sang this song!!!! Their dance is sooo damn damn damn hot!sexy!PHAT!!!!!!!!

 Omg.He walked to the end of the stage and it was sooo damn near to me!!!!haha wuhooo hot!hot!hot!

 Isnt he hot? omg Can't believe this.He was just in front of me.So freaking excited!!!

So damn envy those fans in the platinum zone.How could they standing so near to them :( T.T Not fair!!

 Thankiu.♥ T.T Sing for me.♥ haha :)

It ends after an hour.Aiks.Soo short.:( I miss them already!!Beast!4minute!!!

 Going home:)

 Those fans are still there watching the

 People selling idol's badges, shirts,towels,posters by the roadside.:) 

We took the wrong train also.LOL And I have too sleep with an empty stomach. Exhausted and tired。:)

 Yay~Thats all for now.Teehee Have a super nice day with Annger.Tehee Muacks everyone.I am in a soo damn good mood now.Wana continue watching some videos taken by me at the concert already.Tata~Bais!!! Love you all chubs^^ 


qi said...

yohooo~~~the photo quite clear leh^^happy happy^^ wanna thx u oso,without u i not able to go there n watch such great concert muackzz!!!

XCB said...

the 'she' who was smiling adorably is hyuna, she used to be the old wonder girls member. i like her a lot!

Casley said...

wahhhh.. nice!! im sure u had a great time there.. thx for sharing the pics.. hehe~

Jason Chun 林家俊 said...

omgggg... k pop concert^^
i didn't get the ticket^^ haiz

˙·٠•●♥ Stephanie ♥●•٠·˙ said...

Hahaha,they are all handsomes and pretties ^^

♥♂ Ⓐⓓⓐⓜ ♀♥ said...

haha.. post comment at the wrong place..XD

ur photo are so clear~!!! >.<
mine quite blur.. hahaha..
very very *high* right...XD
super happy.. kekeke
who's ur bias?
I'm Junhyung-biased and Yoseob-biased..XD

Tofu said...

wow thanks for the post~ altho i didnt make it~ lol

Kelvin 'finalkt3' Tan said...

Took the wrong train? LOL. Poor thing, go home hungry ah?

Didn't know you like KPop stuff.

Caryne a.k.a. F-I-S-H said...

OMG I can't believe you went to watch !!! 4minute and Beast are my big time fave!! *screams*

Envy envy!

Eason said...

wow..nice ice cream !!...