Friday, January 14, 2011

Digi Live Kpop Party 2011 !!!! Wuhoooooooo Shockkkk~~~~~XDXD

Thanks to our lenglui annger~teeheee She was sooooooo damn lucky one.She get to call in my fm and then won 2 free tickets by just singing a song on air!!!wuhoooooooooo!!!! Muackssss Luv u annger Teeheee I am sooooo lucky to have a soooo lucky friend and was soooo lucky that you gave me your free ticket!!!!XD Wuhoooo XDXD Thanks a lot^^

 Annger's favourite^^Ice cream XD

 Love this pic.Teheee Got feel or not?haha

 Digi Live Kpop Party!!!!!!Silver zone!!!

Outfit of the day.LOL
Teeheee~~Post a few photos first!!XD Too many things to tell you and too many pictures to choose from XD I took a lot of beast and 4minute and pictures!!!Wuhooo~So happy~Awesome concert XD My very first concert in 20 years loll  thanks to annger again :) Will upload everything tomorrow :)


wen pink said...

Such a lucky girl!! And she is such a good fren of urs to share the tix with u~

qi said...

hehee~~~such a great day ^^ nx times if they come im sure will go again!!!!junhyung~~~

XCB said...

faster update!!!!!!!

♥♂ Ⓐⓓⓐⓜ ♀♥ said...

ur photo are so clear~!!! >.<
mine quite blur.. hahaha..
very very *high* right...XD
super happy.. kekeke
who's ur bias?
I'm Junhyung-biased and Yoseob-biased..XD