Friday, January 7, 2011

Bookiew & Moview LOL Book &Movie Review LAH ^^

The Host by Stephanie Meyer

Yeah~finally I finish "The Host" yesterday.My dark circles double up because i am dying to finish this.I bought this book, "The Host" by Stephanie Meyer only because she is the author of Twilight.It is interesting of course as it is about how a soul gets to adapt in a human's body who the real owner was still inside.Two souls inside a body.Falling in love with two different men.Interesting?Tehee And then the implanted soul started to fall in love with humans and have pity on humans which souls are supposed to hate them.Hmn.You get it?LOL

 The front part of the book(i think first 200++ pages) is a bit boring to me as it talks about how a soul gets to adapt in a human's body.Have to force myself to carry on.==Its all about how the human's owner Melanie gets to talk to the soul and tries to bring her(the soul) to find back her families.Then after that the interesting part is that she was caught by a bunch of humans(which have no souls implanted).They spared her life and the story goes on on how she started helping them,falling in love, blabla A nice story line though. Are you interested?Don't you wanna know what happen to the soul and Melanie trapped inside the body at the end of the story?Which man would they choose?Teheee Try read it LAH ^^ Teeheee XDXD

Rating: 3.9/5  LOL

Hachi: A Dog's Tale

Nao..Hachi!!!XDXD I watched Hachi, A dog's tale a few days ago.And......................IT WAS AWESOME.Believe me guys.Please.You are not a human if you did not cry.Really serious one.Hmn..Am I being a little bit too emotional??...

 Watched this because I read a lot of bloggers blogging about this.This is really good.If you are warm blooded hundred percent you will cry one...OK..I am being emotional.O.O

This is about our awesome old man Richard Gere who found Hachi(the cutest doggie in the wholeee world) who got lost in the railway station.He then bring it home and tadaa..He kept the lost dog..XD Love this part the most^^ How many people in the world would take an unknown stray dog back home?^^Please go adopt one in SPCA XP OK..back to the story..Hachi became very loyal and cute and loving to his owner,Richard.Hachi even accompany Richard to and fro to work..The man's best friend.^^ However, here comes the part I hate.Richard died of course and then our Hachi, the loyalest dog  ever, waited him at the station everyday for more than 10 years.Does he have to die?Duhhh Even Hachi was taken away by Richard's daughter, it still ran all the way back to the same station to wait for Richard.:( I dunlike that.Its sooo sad.:( Especially when Hachi waited for his master not knowing he would not come back:( He was adorable.Innocent.Loyal.:(

 At last, he died waiting for his master.:( 


The trailer.This wunt make you cry lah I promise.XP Go watch the full movie^^And..please watch it at your own risk XP It is based on a real story one leh ^^

Statue of Hachiko, Shibuya Station, Tokyo, Japan

Rating:4.99/5 LOL Nice wad XP


Next, SAW VII O.o

I am dying to watch this at first but..hmn..once it started playing..I was kinda regret LOL Violence and bloody..Hmn..Teehee Actually I skipped most(99.99%) of the blood spurting part, the most terrible part of the movie.Maybe I just end up watching 50% of the movie LOL Keep my head low.Coz I really scared I cant sleep well today.XP Hmn..violence continued of course in every chapter.LOL Aiks how could someone who ran out of the cinema when Final Destination started like 15 minutes could endure theseeee LOL OK..thats me..Duh..==Bluek==Haha but it was funny watching my fren's expression watching the movie lah LOLL Dun really wanna talk about the storyline teehee Hmn..interesting one I would say.O.o

Btw,the pic I dunwana put so big coz I scared I scared myself when I open my OWN homepage.Duh lol Its already so freaking horrible when I google search for this 'saw vii' pics.:( Terrible pictures loaded.Bloody ones.:( This pic is the most not scarry one.Cant endure scrolling down looking for more already.Duh Hachi pictures is ok for me Teeheee Heyyyy,thankiu for accompanying me wasting ur time whole day to watch this movie :) Sincere one Teehee

Rating:1.9/2.5  (Not out of 5 Since I think I just watch half of it.LOL)

OK.Thats all for today XD

Bai~Ehhhh before that,any book to recommended me after this?Although I am starting the JR Tolkien's right now.Teehee OKLA..Thats all for today^^ XOXO Baiii chubs*^^..I know.But I am scared.Thats all :(


XCB said...

i watched hachi already. i cried like hell. the sa dunno what 3D wat lai de? O.O

domokun said...

lol same same>< sad hor :( oooh the saw is about some insane ppl torture other ppl by forcing him to do smt he stick innocent ppl with glue to the car seat and force him to tear off his skin himself to save his other fren.bloody scene.u will like it one teehee

Miss N said...

i watched hachiko, it's kinda touching..

Mich said...

i read the host and i can't agree more with you. the beginning was indeed boring to one extreme that i had a feeling that it's nonsense with the weird names, but as it goes on, it gets more interesting ! a good book indeed !

hmm...i really think you should separate your reviews into different post.. because this looks a bit messy and the detail given is not clear and interesting enough.=) just a suggestion though.

toninkush said...

I almost cried at the end of Hachiko too but it was the story of it that was touching to me, not the movie. I thought it was quite poorly written. I wanna watch Saw 3-D!

Hilda Milda™ said...

My friend borrowed me the host two years ago but I never finished it cause it seems kinda boring to me HAHA

-LuvergalViv- said...

omg i watched hachi some time ago and cried BUCKETS of tears. i own a dog also and dogs are really loyal. no matter how much time i spend apart from him, i know he's always waiting for me =)