Thursday, January 27, 2011

Aijunnn my long lost friend is back!!!!!XD happy


 This is AJ, one of my best cute nice intimate close awesome friend ever :) The left picture is taken before she left for Nanjing in September last year :) And the right picture is taken last Sunday:) She doesnt change that much right? ^^ In 3 months:) It's just different when I get to see her so closely, get to feel her,hug her :) than just chatting with her online in msn :) I love hugs.I really think that hugging someone makes me happy and makes me feel warm from the bottom of my heart.I just love hugging^^ (Just ran into my mum's room and hug her LOL) They said that when you hug,both of your heartS are at the shortest distance :D Our hair are longer now:) And..erm..maybe a little bit more mature?LOL

Yay~A gathering with my old friends.Of course my biggest reason was to meet her :) Muacks<3 After stranded in starvation for few hours in AJ's house waiting for the guys, we went Dorae!!!A korean restaurant in Kepong XD I super duper love their bbq.XP TVXQ and FT Island went there before one eh^^ 

Tadaa~ the boys~^^ from Rawang & Setapak one eh :)

Too busy chit chatting I manage to take a few photos only.teeheee XP I think this is their beef hmn..XD Looks oily but taste awesome okay -__- fattening eh 

Bimbimbap~XD I was trying to help everyone stir the rice but then end out the boss of the restaurant signaled me and offer me help.XP

Stirred by the boss of the restaurant.Kamsahamida :) Teehee XD I like it as it was like fried rice to me haha but it doesnt suit the guy's taste.IDK. 

Tadaaa~~~my favourite!!!! XD Dok Boki( Korean Rice Cakes) and Maggi mee(both my favourite haha) inside hot spicy sour soup!!!!!!How awesome is that!!!!!!XDXD Super yummylicious muahaha :D

The side dishes!! Its refillable and I ate a lot of kimchi.hehe the snail thingy makes me itchy.hmn..

Wonderful lunch with my friends :)

Kauze made a combination of cabbage with bbq meat specially for AJ.teheee yerr..Why I dun have one???Haha

Tadaa..Kiamsiap people only put so small piece of meat for AJ.haha

Going back to AJ's house Teheee Is AJ's face big compared to my friend's on the other car beside us? Could you spot them?Hahaa Kauze is acting cool..Chiu XP

Camwhoring in the car when the traffic light turns tomato. We rocks:) Dunt you think so?Heheeeee :) Friendship long live :)

Outfit of the day :)

At last I get to post every gathering outing stuck in my a lot of things to tell you still.XP I am confused by something so funny today.Really serious one.Something that is unexplainable.@.@ I have no idea what was I thinking that time.LOL Jesus Christ.Confused.Terribly confused!!@.@ What am I thinking????lolllll Be strong Hui Ming.haha Trust me.You would never guess it correctly.LOL

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Khai Chee~ My Primary School Gathering^^ XOXO

Ka Wun's back from Australia already for his semester break! Yan Sheng's enthusiasm has bought us all together.We, Khai Chee kias finally succeeded organising a gathering meeting all the old primary school friends.Wuhoo It has been years since I saw them.Oh.Of course besides Xuer and Yubing la.teheee Thanks to Kah Wun for treating all of us that night and thanks to Yan Sheng for the effort gathering all of us.^^

Our Standard 5 Class Photo.Can you find me?haha I dunt think anyone Can you spot xuer too? XD

I drove Xuer to Kah Wun's house and reached there at 6.30pm.XD Here our bbq starts...

Xuer and Kah Wun busy preparing the chicken wings to be grilled. Joey with her famous uniqlo t Turns out most or the girls recognise her shirt eh.thanks to her blog.haha

Silly face Carmen has.haha

Tadaa~~ Our chicken wings with honey.Niceee!!

See? All of us got help out one eh.^^ So busy XD

It looks yucky but it taste awesome k? So sad I ate one only :( Can you see xuer's ring dripping blood..LOL

We have chicken wings, lamb steak,nuggets, fishballs, hotdogs, crab meat, corns, french fries etc..The lamb steak rocks!!!XD


Our Kahwun trying to act yeng.haha

Oh noo.Cancerous...but nais :P Bad technique we

We girls gossip about our funny things when we are in primary I call our teacher " Squirrel" haha then ends up whole class get punished.hahaaa Aiyor..coz she really looks like one :(

Miss u guys..Quite surprising because we girls still can chit chat whole night non stop although we havent meet each other for years!!XD

I am the second tallest eh.:P

The girls change a lot!All long hair already XD

LOL I am kinda look stupid here.haha I was struggling to place my hand on yubing's shoulder and then ends up I forgot that she is hell taller than me so much that I could not even reach it.== She kinda have this (=_____=) face and turns out I could not stop laughing LOL See the other girls pairs have nice post we dunt have.:(

The guys.:D

The lengluis ...LOL

I love my shoe.TT All of us dyed our hair eh.XD

Xuer looks like a monster with long tongue.hahaa Xuer dont scold me.Bluek XP

Then Xuer transform into another monster with big cheeks long face small eyes hahahaha Xuer dunt keel me.XD

Ahh..Have no idea what is Xuer doing.Her short fingers.lolll

I drink 3 cans of pepsi that night.O.o Sookin drink 7 packets of Yeo's kekhwa juice.Chio right us?LOL

 Xuer's sunglasses eh.XD Mine is cheetah pattern one.Also chio.Show off next time^^

 Sook kin going to UK soon :( Must gather again ahh :) Why only me still rotting in Malaysia :( Yeo's packet drink again LOL

French fries as my dinner.XD

Tadaa~Group photo of the day..^^ Nice right? XDXD Hope we could gather together again during CNY T.T Can you spot me? haha CNY must gather ok? Coz I miss gambling with you guys.O.o haha We are gambling ghost XP

Thats all for now.A lot of pictures I know.XP XOXO Ciao everyone!!!!Domo Dmo rocks!!:P

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Insane.I am insane.

With spectacles---> without spectacles-----> Power Ranger hahaa Took like thousands of picture with my new fluffy stuffed toy when i get it~lol tadaaa my domokun stuffed toy hehee a super huge surprise teheeeeeeee XDXD thankiu to  a very special friend of mine^^ heheee ^^

BTW, I just googled domokun and found that domokun is the official mascot of Japan's NHK television station!!

From wikipedia:
Domo (どーもくん Dōmo-kun) is the official mascot of Japan's NHK television station, appearing in several 30 second stop-motion interstitial sketches shown as station identification during shows.
Domo, the main character, is described as "a strange creature that hatched from an egg," [2] with a large, sawtoothed mouth that is locked wide open. Domo's favorite food is Japanese-style meat andpotato stew, and he has a strong dislike for apples, because of an unexplained mystery in his DNA. Domo can only communicate by producing a low-pitched noise which sounds somewhat like his own name, but other characters appear to understand him. Domo is known to pass gas repeatedly when nervous or upset.[2] A Tokyopop press release of the Domo comic book states that "he communicates sotto voce with a verve that only his friends can understand."[3] Clint Bickham, the writer of the Domo comic book, said that to him Domo's expression is "a sort of cheery wonderment. Like when a kid wakes to a room full of presents on Christmas day." While Domo's face has variants, to Bickham most of his expressions have "an underlying sense of fascination."[4] 

Ahh..and then got domokun manga also one eh..will try to find it already :)happi happi happi hugging my domokun till it suffocates haha I think it brings me luck eh.Its the mascot of NHK and then I get to be on NHK Kawaii Show few days later!!!Heehee Remember I met Cheesie and Audrey and Lie and Maiko? Lie and Maiko are hosts from NHK eh!! What a coincidence!!!!!!XD Thankiuuu very muchie :)

Okay..gonna slp ady coz tomorrow have to play badminton early in the morning again..:( I think I will have shuttlecockphobia already :( I hope I dream of something happier tonight :( pray* ciao everyone!