Friday, December 17, 2010

Singapore TTRRRip Day 1:Bugis Junction+ Marina Bay Sands + Casino

I am back everyone!Teehee Went to Singapore for 5 days.And atlas I am gonna update my trip^^We took 647 photos lol wtf reali insane hah

Our first day~Jiajia, my little cousin and I took train to Bugis junction and then Marina Bay Hotel at night XD Aiks.Miss jiajia and jiayee and qiqi and enen and yuen liao Sobs TT My cute cousins T.T

Our breakfast of the day~^^

Tadaa~~did you watch "We got married"? Teeheeee nickhun also took pictures of his ramen and Victoria togother also lohhhh lol XD btw, malaysia's instant mee is nicer XP Singapore's not qq one.XD

Skipped the photos to Marina Bay Hotel ones.Tehee Me and Jia jia~She damn slim Aikss

 Bowl like thingy..So chio~Its a cafe^^

Nice right?the ceiling so chio~Spiderweb up there also XD

 Marina Bay plan.The skypark up there.Three 55-story hotel towers containing 1000 rooms each.Plus the bowl shape thingy is an under construction a state-of-the art convention center.

You could see the real this down my post.Keep scrolling^^

Outfit of the day^^

  Marina Bay Casino.Its inside the resort.XD

 See someone waving?lol I seriously thought he was waving to me saying halo but instead he was shouting:stop stop Cannot take photos!!wtf==

Sad.See?Must 21 years old and above wtf 2 more years to go larrrr TT

Singapore toilet wtf


My  brother and me and Jia Jia.Can you actually see that?I am the oldest but the shortest!!!!!TT TT wtf

Teehee with my cousins ^^

A big bowl thingy with a hole in the centre.Guess what is it?Teehee

It's a wishing bowl~~!!LOL What you can do is throw your coin in the big bowl and then poop it drops inside this pool Cool righT??XDXD

Tadaaa~~The state-of-the art convention center.Still under construction CHIO XD

Aiksss Dammit I hate my camera.Cannot take nice photos at night one.

Tadaa~The scenery is damn damn nice one^^Really one.I looks okok only through my photos.But its actually damn damn nice.Peaceful.Romantic.Must go there again with my future boyfie.LOL

My face also senget already because of my lousy camera.haha

Taddaa~~Me and my cutie Jiajia.XD She has mermaid hair also loh^^

Last pic of the day~Teehee Do I look like a fly?loll Wanaa buy a sunglass like this jor Teeehee

Thats all for nao.I am damn exhausted.Went few places in a week.So tiring.Tehee Lazy to type so put more pictures Teeehee Oklar.See you tomorrow.

Coming Soon:Day 2~Universal Studio XDXD

XOXO I know you love me.Bai! 


qi said...

welcum back^^ya,let go hang out^^

domokun said...

haha waa u so fast leave comment arrr teehee kkkk XDXD

Y E N C H E N G said...

haha. the guy's funny. he's probably into u :P

domokun said...

lollll i hope not hahaa yeeerrrr XP

Victor Imung said...

Woa.. wish i can go there.. i will, in the future ^^

domokun said...

lol you sure can one..its beautiful there^^

--andy-- said...

that is a BIG family trip to Singapore :)

XCB said...

wtf y ur brother suddenly so tall one! #realityshock

domokun said...

andy:yeap teeehee damn big XD
xcb:lolll u long time din c him liao la^^he is taller than me jor^^

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