Sunday, December 19, 2010

Singapore Trip: Day 2~Universal Studio +Orchard Road+ Jurong Point + IMM XDXD

My whole family + my cousins wanna go Universal Studio in Singapore that day.We were told that although the theme parks have not been fully opened, it is impossible to finish all places inside the Universal Studio in one day. So excited.== However....aihh The tickets are already sold out.We were told that tickets needed to be booked few months aih However, we still drive ALL THE WAY THERE (actually its quite near to our cousin's house XP)to try our luck again.T^T

See?All girls.Hah.99% of my cousins are  

Ahh...I like this one..XD

The Entrance XD

Damn a lot of people queueing there already.We have to see inside of the Universal Studio from outside TT sobs*

However, we could not stop camwhoring loll 

I like this shop.It's a bar I think.The design is awesome.XD Barrels outside the bar also.XD

That night we went Orchard Road!!!Damn damn damn nice.XD Along the roads are all types of different Christmas decoration designs.Colourful and full of Christmas feel XDXD From purple to red to green~~~XDXD Naissss XDXD

My cute cousins XD I think those people behind are looking at virgin mary who just gave birth to Jesus.^^

Nais memories.XD

Half of my still got another half did not come.XD Big family I have XDXD Did you realise that there are only few males inside?lol

Leeyi me and Jia jia..I am the shortest.hah

Jaiyee, jiajia and meee....miss u all TT

Tadaa~~I love you all my cousins XD Sorry for pasting all the pics in this post and lack of words.XP lazy lah..^^ Thats all for today^^

XOXO I know you love me.Bai! 


ken said...

looks fun.. hope to visit it one day :)

domokun said...


XCB said...

why is virgin mary still virgin if she gave birth to Jesus? O.O

-LuvergalViv- said...

WALAO! tickets need to be booked MONTHS ahead?!?

pilotHans said...

hello ladies...all beautiful... ^_^ love the u just went outside of the universal studios right?

domokun said...

xcb:haha how i noe.maybe this name were gave to her when she haven pregnant?wtf
luvergalviv:lol i think so criessss TT
pilothans:hehe yalaaa so sad TYT

EeSoon said...

love your shoe~~

domokun said...

heheee thank you^^ XD

*JacQueliNe* said...

YER.. dunno where to find ur blog eh, LOL, following u now.. xD
Next time can see both side update.. <3

Seriously i never been SG, how jealous eh..

domokun said...

haha no need jealous u have chance one^^ i followed u long long time ago ady teeheeee