Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Outfit of the day~~Going out with my close frens^^

Tada~I luv my necklace^^ a wing with a cross..bought it in singapore last semester holiday with 3 more necklace..luv it XD

Yay~Went out with my sunway frens+joey..^^Top from my mum's closet wtf she wore this 20+years agooooo..haha luv it^^Saw my timberland boots???muahahaa just bought it XD teeheee will write a post about it too XD
Still editing the pictures.Will upload tonight^^ Soo happy they could get along teehee I am quite scared that annger and joey would be very awkward since they duno each other.XD After all my frens ARE my frens.Similar personalities and tada~fireworksss pewwwww~~~~~bommmbb~~~^^My frens are soo cute^^ luv them..kk wanaa edit the pics faster already..tada~tahts all for nao^^

XOXO i know you love me XD bai~