Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Wuhoo~My Christmas Present ♥

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! Have you all receive any Christmas present yet?I have two already haha
Jingle Bell Jingle Bell~ Tadaaa~My new Timberland.My very first ^^ Soo happy my papa bought me this^^ Have been craving this since last year.It's very expensive and luckily it had promotion muahaha happiii XD

I love this one T.T It looks a little bit old school but I love the way it looks like XD Hmn..I could be very boyish sometimes XP

 Really lurve this one..Can be matched with stokings or skinny jeans Teeheee

And..BTW, I get a special tiny thingy today~Teehee 
Guess what is it? It's a star~^3^ Felt warm for a moment.^^ Haven receive smt like this before haha thx ya~XD Did you write anything inside? hmn..I thought of opening it lolll Cannot coz I duno how to fold back haha I thought it is a starfish loll Does it look like a sea urchin ?hahaha

Teeheee XP Bluek XP

Thank youuuu~~~~XD
Tadaa~~Thats all for now~Cant wait the time to strike 12pm~And it is Christmas!!!!!XDXD I hope everyday is Christmas XDXD Chubs everyone~Excited!will be going Mid Valley tomorrow with my buddies Muackss ya~XD Maybe wearing my nordic poncho~Does anyone know what a poncho is? XP

XOXO I know you love me.Bai!!XD


SuFang (Careen) said...

Nice shoes! Btw, your header is very cute!!

ShiewFoong said...

woo~~ envy-nya... btw, what is poncho?? lol XD Merry ChRISTMAS!!!!

qi said...

hahax nice shoe^^wear it on 31st ya^^merry xmas my dear~~~

Cecilia said...

i love ur shoes!! nicee!! :D

Tung said...


Jieyan said...

woots. nice la that shoe =D timberland must be vr vr expensive. ur father so good. XD

domokun said...

careen:lol thankiu i thought it was scary lol
shiewfong:its a mat like top for girls haha difficult to explain XP try google it XD
qi:lol kk merry christmas!!
cecilia:thhhankiuuuu XD
tung:teeheee thx ya XP
jieyan:ohh not realii that expensive coz got promotion XD heeeheee

XCB said...

the star reminds me of ... well ... disco ball

domokun said...

loll starfish to me XP