Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I am in Singapore nao!!XDXD

Yay!Luv Singapore~~~Teheeheee~How good if I can stay here forever~Clean.Safe.Food awesome.People here so sweet.Tehee I got lost in Jurong East MRT and so unfortunately idk how to use Malaysia handphone to call my cousins.WTF Called my brother and Maxis ate RM5 for my 2 seconds use wtf  End up I approach a cute aunty playing iphone game.Ask her to lend me her handphone.lol Luckily she is sooo good and helped me.Teheeee BTW TT sadddd Singapore dont sell Maxis prepaid card one == of course.== Ishh..
Btw!I Just went to Marina Bay Sand~REALLY MAGNIFICANT view one lor TT Will post them soom.XD Tomorrow Gonna go Universal Studio~Teeheeee Cant stop giggling~~Cant wait cant wait XDXD Post some pictures up first.Apparently my blog is rusting TT cannot let this happen TT Visitors please I need visiotrs WTF haha

wtf.This picture looks quite funny." idk idk idk idk" teehee OKAY thats all.bluekkk.wtf

I know you love me.XOXO ^^ ^^


HenRy LeE ® said...

i wanna go to SG too! :S

domokun said...

teehee cum lah XD

XCB said...

nice outfit i wan to buy T____T

laila said...

how cute!! have fun in Singapore! ^^

qi said...

duh,only this ar dear?

domokun said...

XCB:loll cum singapore shopping lah XD
laila:teehee yeapppp i m bak^^
qiqi:updating XD