Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Girl's outing~Time Square+Sungei Wang+Pavillion+Lot10+Farenheit88 wtf

Yay..At last my post is up up up^^ Bought damn a lot of clothes us girls^^ Nordic poncho our favourite ngek ngek ngek

Aihyo lets start with us girls camwhoring wtf

The hat is cute right?lol but i hate pink ones wtf==and somemore it is impossible for me to wear it in a shopping complex==freak

my mum's 20 years ago ones..teeheeee happi.its quite trendy now XP

Having lunch in bbq plaza^^damn lots of i dun like vegeTYT we cannot finish.Why wunt they let ur chg all cabbage into meat.even only 1 piece i will also agree

my dear dear~muacksss XDXD lenglui already X)

Sungei wang's deco not so nice and no one's taking photos except us wtf

KL~wuhoo~walking to lot 10^^

Yes!!You can do it!!XD

This cartoon damn like annger, the girl on the right.Dunt you think so?haha

Have sushi zanmai for dinner in farenheit 88 XDXD Joey's worms==she eats them every time she went sushi zanmai lol

Junrong's .XD i am a hungry blogger wtf

my udon.i damn luv udon.and i like their soup also.will order udon almost everytime i go into a japanese restaurant XD

Did my photography skill more chio already?wtf

Ahh..the soft shell crab is trying to run away !wtf

nice decorations in pavillion XD

Eww..i dun dare kiss him.he looks really scary.== erm is he a he or a she?wtf

reindeers have gone crazzzzzyyyyy~~~~~~~

its snowing in pavillion!!!!!XD but its foam wtf

fake glass snow~luv it ^^

Merry Christmmas everyone!!!!! XD It's coming.So sad i have to stay at home XP no clubbing no boyfie lol Never mind.Listening to Christmas song on my bed with pps accompanying me will do haha and my family^^ tata~
XOXO I know you love me.Bai XD XD sooo happy i am going sum nice place 2mrw XDXD


Baboon Tan said...

Enjoy your holidays yea! :)

domokun said...

haha you too XD

qi said...

merry xmas XD

domokun said...

merry xmas to u too XD

Euniceee said...

Happy Christmas to you.. Merry new year to me...=P haha.. so song la u ..go so many places in a day...syok dao...I canot go out so often...=(

domokun said...

LOL u could too:) grow older and ur parents would let u one^^ XD

peiyeong said...

lol, i typed pavilion, sungaiwang, timesquare, farenheit88 and foudn this blog, and i saw familiar faces=DDD peiyeong ^^