Friday, December 3, 2010

Five more days to go..

Two more subject to go, and after that I can start my wunderful holliday ady!YAY My holliday event list starts here:

1.karaoke whole night with my gals
2.shooooopping in singapore for 1 whole week..chubs~sentosa island also teeeeheee n rider's jacket leh
4.really wanna go every shopping complex i know to enjoy the atmosphere~~what atmosphere?Christmas lahh of cuzz~teehee
5.spca volunteering..cant wait teehee
6.sunny lim's gathering peiyin yoga jc jh rose!!
7.sakai triiiipppp!
8.haoche eva everyone's comming back!!! gathering!!! time!shopping especially with xiaochabo n sookin !!XDXD ( i edited this twice liao wtf hu else say i din include her==)

and the list goes on and on and on and on ..

By the way..
did anyone know that today is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities?

and i went google search and found Cody McCasland.Do you know him?

a few pictures of him :)

his collection of prosthetic legs..:) as he grows, he has to get a new ones as the prosthetic legs became shorter and shorter..:)

Cody McCasland was born without any tibia or knee bones and had a rare condition known as Sacral Agenesis, so the bottom half of his legs had to be amputated when he was a toddler (15 months old). 2 months later, he got his first pair of prosthetic legs.
Pretty hard to start life like that but Cody doesn’t let the amputation hold him back and always has the smile.

He is fond of sports and practices a lot despite his condition – he swims, runs, plays soccer, golf, karate, ice hockey, makes rock climbing, rides a horse…etc. This is another example of what it means to have a strong spirit and it shows us that you can overcome a lot of things in life with smile and without complaining.
Love your life:) To know more of his story,visit team cody website.:)

Besides, i bet you have heard of Nick Vujicic.His video was once very famous in youtube.A disable motivational speaker.Now you know? OKAY.Fine. PLEASE DO PLEASE WATCH THIS would never regret..

Be thankful life:)

I know you love me:) mua~


XCB said...

yeeee im not in the list~~~~~ anyway, i want to do spca volunteering too, how how how??

domokun said...

lol that one shopping one is with u laaaa><haha eheh u wannn go?? i am going with one of my fren leh!!!!

Angie said...

nice domo blog too! ^^

domokun said...

teehee thx XD

isroxck said...

A very encouraging post =)

ph1l1p said...

very inspiring :)

domokun said...

teehee thx both of u^^ luv ur life XD

Christy said...

Nais! xD

domokun said...

tehee thx ya^^

XCB said...

i wan go spca but how?

domokun said...

lol duno yet.i haven call dem.XD u try call la^^

Ken said...

I guess we have so much to learn about life from Cody!

Totally got inspired!

domokun said...


qi said...


Maxloon120 said...

Thanks for the sharing of his life :'(

domokun said...

maxloon120: teehee u r welcum XD

JΞMS£Ɲ said...

inspiring... no matter what the condition is.. there is a way.. :)

domokun said...

totally agree.XD there's a solution for anithing XD