Friday, December 10, 2010

Celebration After Final Exams ( I I )♥♥Lightings In Sunway Pyramid

Yay!Its December~Christmas Celebrations everywhere XDXD those lightings those christmas trees~christmas carols~i really hope December wunt end so fast TT luv the atmosphere.XD everyone seems to be so happy :D Girls~~Camera please~~`Photo snapping time XD XD Our second mission:Cam whore!!

Cute right?? I want one as my christmas present XD teehee The elephant is so fluffy and I gonna hav u watched despicable me?tehee


Cam whoring in the toilet teehee

There's a new camera shop in asian avenue and you know what?It sells only lomography camera!!wuhooo damn nice!!And they are pasting those pictures all over their shop!!cool stuff!!XD

 Again I luv thesee...<3 Anqi has weird pose lol

Outside Sunway Pyramid!!Nice righttt? People are busying taking photos there^^WOW i luv the lightings damn much XDXDXD and the small fountain!!!It's like glowing in the dark!!XD 

Jingle bell jingle bell XDXD Those small parachutes are hanging with a small present with them.XD can u see? Creative right?tehee<3

Tadaa~atlast our canopy walk has opened.We can walk from Sunway University College to Sunway Pyramid already.No need to drive and waste time finding parking wuhooooooo XDXD There are seasonal passes for us already too XDXD We could park in Sunway Pyramid and walk to our college.XD I wonder where will the shoppers park their car.Is it really enough for all of us?Hmnnn..BTW, the walk is damn dark and creepy at 

After shopping until 11pm atlas we could go karaoke already XDXD We are awake till 7am in the morning.My fren already felt sick and all of us are damn dan tired.==Aiks == Really really headache coz we have not sleep for more than 24 hours==wtf no no next however its quite fun and I have never walked in a nobody shopping complex lol

tata~gonna end this fast.Wana pack up already XD Will be going back hometown and Singapore!!YAY~~~~Jingle bell rocks XDXD

i know you love me.XOXO bai bai 


qi said...

hahaha,hv a great journey in sg ya^^

Kelvin said...

The fountain is beautiful.

There is a lot of Xmas feel ^_^

domokun said...

qi:teehee I am here XD
Kelvin:yaya I damn love christmas XDXDXD teehee