Friday, December 10, 2010

Celebration After Final Exams ( I )♥♥Fong Lye Taiwanese Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid

Yay!At last my exams are all over.Damn stressed lately as there are too many subjects to be handled.6 subjects.== Information overload tends to drive me crazy.Tension.And my last paper really really made me wanna hide myself inside the "box of shame".You will know what i mean if you watched Despicable Okay.I admit it. Honestly I have not prepared myself well for that paper aikssss..sad.==So I am not blaming anything else anyone else but i will never get my dlsr.TT
However,finishing my exams is still something worth to be celebrated.haha Me and my girls have big big plans after our exams. We plan to not going home and go karaoke whole, it is a big big mistake we made. This decision is fatal.I will try to explain later.*dizzy*
Our Quite Extraordinary Experience Starts here: 

First station:Went Fong Lye Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid for lunch.We tends to get damn damn hungry one after exams.Writing eats up our energy particularly Its a taiwanese restaurant and has a branch in The Gardens, Mid Valley.Its quite packed when we reach there.It has just opened in Sunway Pyramid for a few months and I guess people are flooding in to have a try. Same with us.XP


Attention: See the first dish ordered:Pork Intestine Set.Wow.Who could ever be so daring to try the Taiwanese specialties??XP

 The ambience was not bad but idk.To me i felt unsafe as the setting of tables are too orderly.Lack of privacy.idk if you understand what I mean.And the tables are so squeezed as if they do not have enough space.==

 Tada~pork intestine set.rm 17.70 per set.Including some small dish and a soup.

 The taufu is cold and the rice portion is too small.Others are okay okay.



The soup was very very spicy.And a lot of black It is not a taufu dear, its pork's Are you scared?It taste like normal taufu only.^^

Seriously.Do not be scared.Nice taufu and there's a lot of pork intestine inside.Spicy and very appetizing i would say.XP Eating it with rice is the best combination.XD

  Braised Beef with Dong Hun.Nice and appetizing.Really.I t looks nice and taste nice.Really its soup is nice.XD

 See?the colour is so nice.TT omg I am starving XD

Hot And Sour mee.RM 14.80 without set.A normal dish I would say.

  3 variety supreme diced chicken.( 三杯鸡)This one looks appetizing but I found that it taste different with ours one.It is sweet but our M'sia ones are more spicy.However, it taste not bad also.XD RM19.40.

This one is just like the chicken rice we usually eat.The only difference is that its portion of chicken is very big.And its price.Lol.rm19.80 for a set. I would conclude that maybe its better to buy four packets of chicken rice from the hawker centre than eat this.The chicken will definitely

Sweet potato balls.rm5.30.I wish the portion was bigger.Its quite nice and we ordered this as it could be seen on most tables.We got attracted by the cute look and so we ordered this.Nice and it's crunchy. I first thought it has something inside but it is empty instead.XP

Okay.Thats all for now first.I am damn damn tired already.Ciao.Will continue my post for celebration tomorrow.XD 

To be continue: Nice nice super nice decorations in Sunway!!XDXDXD  


xoxo.i know you love me.bai bai~~ 


jAr3IL said...

tired rite?...

qi said...

haha yup,try to challenge our own limit hahas^^btw,mission impossible completed~~~tats all ar dear?still got part2?

domokun said...

jareil:tired like s*** lol lucky u din join us..mayb u will regret haha
qi:haha lets go again on christmas day XP still got a lot of pics @.@ ALOT to go==

Allison said...

haha the best time of all is when exam ends. Agree with u, I dont like how the tables at Fong Lye are so close to each other too. Last time a couple who sat beside me were arguing and even tho they werent shouting, i can hear every single word without intending to eavesdrop. Theres jz no privacy haha.

domokun said...

teehee thx ya.haha pity u.luckily there's no arguing couples beside me.XP yeap the tables are too closed.>< dun like the environment also==but their fud not bad right XD

Hilda Milda™ said...

I've heard about this restaurant but never tried before. The price is quite reasonable too :D Shall try it one day.

domokun said...

shud try.XD Its not bad XD