Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Celebration( A late post lol)

Went out with my secondary frens that day since my zi mui all not free TT lol Damn happy to meet them coz a lot of them just came back from overseas and a lot of them I haven meet them for ages loll Mid Valley here we are XDXD

 anti clock wise from me( the girl wearing a black poncho.btw its a mat like thingy if u duno poncho) : sinyee,ah kuan,jiachen,honyen,ahmok, eva and yongsheng(the shitting pose guy)

 he is going overseas to study :( so lucky he n his gf are studying in the same uni ^^

Group photo of us XD can anione see xuer?loll btw,jiachen dun gap me eh LOL

Have no idea why xuer and haoche close their eyes smilling==

Went to TGI Friday for lunch^^duh..lazy do food review XP

This one I take one I take one LOL

me and lenglui sin yee^^ expression was like "duh.." when they came kacao kacao n haoche's expression=-=

haoche take one== he din say 1 2 3 lohh end up like this TT i haven prepare yet laaaaa TT

Thx for giving me a ride ahbeng XD

Outside red box.Eva from india teach us indian dance lol

posing damn weirdly == 

my domokun XDXDXD i wan this XD

Teehee extra loves to u all XDXD

Thx xuer for fetching me last minute when i sent u an awful full of anger effing sms luv u xuer TT
Thx ahbeng for fetching me XD
Thx yanjie and we can tumpang ah beng's car there teeheee
Thx hon yen for lending me and xuer ur dslr all day XD
Thx haoche for cuming back from australia and let us cubit u!!u slim down jor XDXD
Thx ahkuan for letting us make fun of u pulling ur leg whole day.its LOL
Thx jiachen for..making fun of me about my "mat"==daisei i said u looking at me while we are taking pic lolll
Thx eva for saying that me and xuer ady grown up.not that dai b liao XD
Thx sinyee for accompanying me being the model for xuer LOL
Thx kinsin for the lame jokes.although they are not that funny.XP dunt take my french fries animore TT
Thx amok for bringing ur fluffy christmas am i talking==
Thx ys for cuming and hope u have a great life there wif ur dear gf XDXD i reali lenglui jor?wtf

Ahbeng,xuer,ahkuan,jiachen:Please thank me for spotting the ticket on the floor in the parking lot which I help u all save RM50!!!LOLLLL HOW DARE YOU ALL LAUGH AT ME WHEN I ASKED AHBENG TO GOSTAN WHEN I SAW A TICKET-LIKE THINGY ON THE FLOOR.LOL Deal with it lah when it turn out was our ticket bluekkkkkkkkk XD happy ^3^

tada~thats all for today!Extra love for me coz i dunt get ani TAT XOXO I know you love!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Cam-whoring ???

Found something from Google I never knew.Will share it with you after posting my pictures with my lovely cousins XDXD

"There's a cute guy out there peeking at us"

'duh..' *Unbelievable look* by my cousin jiayee

"he is not peeking at us" 

"he is only peeking at me♥ "

OKAYYY..== duh sorry loh.. paiseh liao == (hah aiks why so lame one==)

My two lovely cousins jiayee and jia jia^^

They stay in Johor and we could meet up only few times a we are soo happy went we gather together XD

Teheee I miss you all already :(

OH ya~here's the thing.I had been seeing ppl taking their own pics(including me teehee) and post them on fb blog twitter everywhere they could, and they would have a caption stating"cam-whore". and ridiculously I was bored and went googling the actual meaning and wtf camwhore means

 is an individual who performs sexual services on the Internet with webcam software in exchange for money or goods, usually by a fixed per minute fee or by encouraging viewers to purchase items on their wish lists or add to their online accounts. While the label is usually considered derogatory and insulting, it is also sometimes self-applied, occasionally in a self-deprecating manner. " lolll

here's the prove from wikipedia haha

yeap that's all for nao~

XOXO I know you love me but I dunt teehee kd! Bai!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Wuhoo~My Christmas Present ♥

Merry Christmas everyone!!!! Have you all receive any Christmas present yet?I have two already haha
Jingle Bell Jingle Bell~ Tadaaa~My new Timberland.My very first ^^ Soo happy my papa bought me this^^ Have been craving this since last year.It's very expensive and luckily it had promotion muahaha happiii XD

I love this one T.T It looks a little bit old school but I love the way it looks like XD Hmn..I could be very boyish sometimes XP

 Really lurve this one..Can be matched with stokings or skinny jeans Teeheee

And..BTW, I get a special tiny thingy today~Teehee 
Guess what is it? It's a star~^3^ Felt warm for a moment.^^ Haven receive smt like this before haha thx ya~XD Did you write anything inside? hmn..I thought of opening it lolll Cannot coz I duno how to fold back haha I thought it is a starfish loll Does it look like a sea urchin ?hahaha

Teeheee XP Bluek XP

Thank youuuu~~~~XD
Tadaa~~Thats all for now~Cant wait the time to strike 12pm~And it is Christmas!!!!!XDXD I hope everyday is Christmas XDXD Chubs everyone~Excited!will be going Mid Valley tomorrow with my buddies Muackss ya~XD Maybe wearing my nordic poncho~Does anyone know what a poncho is? XP

XOXO I know you love me.Bai!!XD

Thursday, December 23, 2010

SPCA Volunteering ^^

I visited SPCA today with my friend today^^ Both of us are animal lovers and we have been planning to be a volunteer few weeks ago.After making a couple of times of wrong turns== at last we reached the place. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA Selangor) is a place where they take in unwanted and abused animals. :(

There are two zones there.The doggies ones and the cats one. Most of the dogs are kept in cages.They were categorized into teenage ones,untamed ones and puppies.(my observation lah lol) Cute doggies are running everywhere around the area too. :)

When we reached there, those people in charge are having their lunch.We were told to walk around and play with them and we will be assigned something later X) There were a few volunteers there already.Some people in charge are helping families to choose some doggies to be adopted too XP

Honestly most of the doggies there are adorable and cute!!!!!!! So sad my mum dunt let me have one :( There are few puppies and kittens there also. soooooo adorable ones.Please adopt them T.T It is kind of sad seeing them inside the cages :( Some of the dogs were so playful and friendly too ^^ Happy playing with them today!Miss them already :(

Cute right? The puppies are still few months old and they are already homeless, kept inside the cages T.T Pleaasee do lend a helping hand guys. Adoption needed.T.T I forgot to take the kitties photos TT They are damn adorable too TT I found one kitten damn look like Garfield haha

Although there are a few volunteers helping out there, it is not enough.There are too many cages to be cleaned, doggies to be taken care and lots of work to do. See? Their poops poops have not been cleaned. Volunteers needed.we are told to help to clean cages where puppies are being kept.Maybe we are not so familiar with it yet and some big dogs are difficult to handle.XP

We basically transfer the puppy out of the cage, change the full-with-poop newspapers and replace them with new ones.Their drinking water is replaced with new clean ones too. It is very easy to help out there^^and fun teeehee It is not that difficult right? People!Please visit SPCA!^^

Another way of helping may be playing with the doggies there. They are wagging their tails when they saw us.haha Happy to see us.Teehee We saw a pregnant mama dog there also.Big tummy hahaaa Playing with them makes them less boring.Some of the bored doggies are seen lying on the floor.Dogs need our attention too. :(

For your information, there are a lot of adorable dogs there.See?Aren't this cute? Each and every of them is waiting for you to give them a home.Adopt them.Please try to go over there and look around.Maybe you might find some doggies or cats you are fond of?^^

Volunteers are needed.

How to volunteer in  SPCA?
Groups under 5 people could just drop by there anytime you want.Bigger groups are required to inform them of their  intended visit beforehand (for easier coordination, maximum group size is 15 pax). Please call Ms Chelvy at 42565312/ 42535179 to book your visit, or send them an e-mail at

For more information please visit:

Be Kind To Animals
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA Selangor)
Volunteer work starts at 9am everyday, up to 4pm

A : Jalan Kerja Ayer Lama
     68000 Ampang Jaya
T : 03-42565312 / 03-42535179
F : 03-42528382
E : :
Lastly, thanks jc for accompanying me today haha yayyy!Happy^^
XOXO I know you love me.Bai!!XD

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Girl's outing~Time Square+Sungei Wang+Pavillion+Lot10+Farenheit88 wtf

Yay..At last my post is up up up^^ Bought damn a lot of clothes us girls^^ Nordic poncho our favourite ngek ngek ngek

Aihyo lets start with us girls camwhoring wtf

The hat is cute right?lol but i hate pink ones wtf==and somemore it is impossible for me to wear it in a shopping complex==freak

my mum's 20 years ago ones..teeheeee happi.its quite trendy now XP

Having lunch in bbq plaza^^damn lots of i dun like vegeTYT we cannot finish.Why wunt they let ur chg all cabbage into meat.even only 1 piece i will also agree

my dear dear~muacksss XDXD lenglui already X)

Sungei wang's deco not so nice and no one's taking photos except us wtf

KL~wuhoo~walking to lot 10^^

Yes!!You can do it!!XD

This cartoon damn like annger, the girl on the right.Dunt you think so?haha

Have sushi zanmai for dinner in farenheit 88 XDXD Joey's worms==she eats them every time she went sushi zanmai lol

Junrong's .XD i am a hungry blogger wtf

my udon.i damn luv udon.and i like their soup also.will order udon almost everytime i go into a japanese restaurant XD

Did my photography skill more chio already?wtf

Ahh..the soft shell crab is trying to run away !wtf

nice decorations in pavillion XD

Eww..i dun dare kiss him.he looks really scary.== erm is he a he or a she?wtf

reindeers have gone crazzzzzyyyyy~~~~~~~

its snowing in pavillion!!!!!XD but its foam wtf

fake glass snow~luv it ^^

Merry Christmmas everyone!!!!! XD It's coming.So sad i have to stay at home XP no clubbing no boyfie lol Never mind.Listening to Christmas song on my bed with pps accompanying me will do haha and my family^^ tata~
XOXO I know you love me.Bai XD XD sooo happy i am going sum nice place 2mrw XDXD