Thursday, November 25, 2010

Subway Proommmootion

My mum get to spot the subway buy 1 free 1 promotion voucher from the star newspaper few weeks ago.and tada.we get to eat this.Its actually not much difference as you would be able to get the 6-inch sandwiches for the sub of the day for rm7.50.While using this voucher we bought 2 sandviches at 12.50*2=rm25 and then free 2 more.calculation stops at=rm6.25++ for each subway sandwiches. Thus its only cheaper by few then kiamsiap people like us would take advantage of it and then..u get it? btw, we took 3 more buy 1 free 1 vouchers at the shop there.:D lucku galz.wan it? XD


lets zoom in :D i am damn annoying wtf i noe==

dun pissed off.hah.

open halfway.dun close my blog first.keep scrolling down.i noe my photos aree way too big and


i damn like the pickles XD

healthy bread neh XD

typically the ‘liu’ is overloaded.okay OKAY.the filling is overloaded.damn chio coz its seems too much for the bread to actually i could not differentiate the fillings and the flavours because the liu is damn too much and its watever mayonnaise tomato mustart sauce has already mixed the combination is superb i would assure you.XD sorry coz its not a e-p2 or a normal camera pix.:D bye^^ 


XCB said...

ewww y got green pepper one!! (dunno call wat jor) i like it with pepperoni turkey ham cheese oil vinegar mustard mayonaisse pickles mmmmm yums~~~ i posted about this too haha but very cincai one. i still have one more voucher to go!

domokun said...

haha aiyo i aso duno wat i am eating.all mixed up ady i hav 3 more vouchers XD.teehee i luv pickles damn much lohh XDXD my mum wana me to be HEALTHY so ask them to put green pepper==

Bananazஇ said...

tQ for dropping by. Wow great deal with the promotion..nice pixz drooling already..

Kelvin said...

Shouldn't have drop by at this hour. Makes me crave for supper T T

im lame said...

yum...yum...nx time buy one for me wit ur rm9++ XD congratz ya^^

Anonymous said...


domokun said...

Bananazஇ:hehe yup yup shud try ya~^^
kelvin:loll hav supper den XP
imlame:lol teehee
anonymous:me too>< aikss

ph1l1p said...

i think subway is a healthy food. :)

Small Kucing said...

Cham.......havent had my breakfast yet....saw this ...suddenly having hunger pangs now

domokun said...

ph1l1p:lol yup..its indeed a healthy food:)
small kuching:lol i bet u grab one already XD