Monday, November 22, 2010

Nuffnang Rocks :D

Since i knew Nuffnang and be one of its loyal followers, like 1.5 months ago, i have been signing in nuffnang website to check my buffered earnings every single day.Seriously, at least 3 times a day wtf.I am so desperate for them since i saw many blogger had buffered earnings so frequently and I have only 2 of them like few weeks i even saw some nuffnangers had like 20+ BE and more and more pop out from nowhere so frequently.and i would like to emphasise again, before today  9am, my BE only consist of 2 companies and and and 11! 11! E-L-E-V-E-N BE!whoaaaa~soo damn happy lol really.9+2=11!! wtf i was jumping and screaming to my brother the second i saw

i am not boasting really i am NOT boasting for having this post but i just wana share my happiness with you all nuffnangers aka bloggers.haha whoa.i cant stop wtf' thx for your support bloggers.XP now i understand how you guys feel when you get BE.

BE, hit me baby one more time XD (steal this caption frm hilda's chatbox wtf)yeehehe


MsXeRoZ Nicole said...

Woahh..maximum Buffer Earning slots...HAHA Gratz, happy earn money. treat me teh tarik eh..i oni have 1 BE this month!

annqi said...

congratz ya my dear^^ although not quite sure wat was that but wish able to get more ya~~~^^

domokun said...

msxerox:lol kekeee thx thx wait till i get my first cheque XD
anqi:loll explain to u 2day ady thx ya XD muaks

ph1l1p said...

how do you guys got Buffered earnings? :)