Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hutong @ Lot 10 FOOD FOOD FOOOD XD

Have you ever heard of Hutong? Lot 10 Hutong is a Malaysia’s first and only heritage destination that pays tribute to one of the best loved national treasures – good food and the art of local cuisines.It is a place where we chinese could savour the best KL's hawker food that gathers 26 of Malaysia's best eateries.WOW.SYok betul leh~Normally we would travel so damn far in order to try ONE of those nice food recommended by friends and bloggers BUT.. here's the to Lot 10, and you can try 26 types of Malaysia's best eateries lohh~~wth~~soooo convenient right?? Tan Sri Francis Yeoh chose himself the 26 well known hawker food which survived over three generations to be operated under one roof, under lot 10 hutong and tadaaa~it successfully opened last year~~have u ever heard of it?

It is quite famous and Francis had of cause invited the God Of Eatery, Chua Lam to boost the popularity.His famous kentucky head photos can be seen everywhere in Lot 10 Hutong XD
 really one..u can see his pictures everywhere but i forgot to take his many until i annoyed and forget lol sry had to steal this photo frm lot10 hutong website XD this is chua lam..XD

The ambiance there is damn pleasant.It's decorated based on the modern China street style and the stall's banners had old time feel that makes you feel warm.The street lights.The stalls are quite closed to each other and i felt extremely cosy and warm.A family feel.^^ Btw, they served non halal food.XP 

Hong tai served ao jian(in hokkien)..erm oyster egg in english..damn nice..i love this very much.The eggs smell damn good and there gave generous amount of big oysters..luv luv..this one cost rm9.90.XD and BTW, the food here charge service tax one loh.Aiyo..a hawker centre with aircone and advertised by chua lam.You thought no need money to invite him

See the oysters?damn big muack i love them XD


This char siew pao taste okok only..But they had cheese char siew pao and curry char siew pao..maybe will try again next time XD RM 1.50++per piece.


The Song Kee stall which sell beef noodle.a lot of people queuing there..

Damn big portion loh..It had kai lan on top..err.. 

Here is the set my pa ordered.rm 8.90++.Including a plate of kailan and a glass of chinese tea.Not bad wad.^^ 

Meet he meat balls..XP Seriously,its just okay ma dei X)heyy imbi oneS better XD go check out my previous post 1-day-trip-in-town-lol-beef-noodle.
Hutong's food not bad la.Go and have a try, their bak kut teh and hokkien mee are also well known loh..Will go again next time one my papa said chichi^^

Out of story:
Pavillion shopping today and I found something crazy..I found quite a lot of Clone Troopers(wth, i purposely go google search its name==) lingering around outside Lot 10, taking photos with those passers by..Its normal for me at first as of course, I thought they are advertising some kind of product and  was using these" clones troopers" to distribute fliers lah...But turns out the they were == what can I say..OK..the big screen were videos of Clone Troopers dancing the famous song by wonder girl's"nobody" AND here is it..There is some of the live performance of nobody by the Clone Troopers,going live on the spot there..walaoo so yeng right? those bulky things dancing..haha i laugh so lol 

The large screen nobody performance by clone troopers lol 

It was dancing nobody lol see?funny la 


BUT then aihyoo i saw some of the Clone Troopers was shaking their butt soo hard like syok sendiri and some was like stopping some of the lenglui passers by, requesting to take their photo.loll wth And some was like chatting with others inside the shell..haha aihyo bad management of clone troopers lah..
keep it up clone troopers leader lmao


XCB said...

lol i wan to eat beef noodle~!! LOL wat bad management of clone troopers, funny~! kind reminder: nobody is sang by wonder girls one la, hit u lol

domokun said...

lollll kk chg it now..haha first time saw ads lolll wanna celebrate???hahaa imbi one better la dear

XCB said...

i firstly tot want to screenshot for u sumore haha imbi? isit the petaling street one? yala but i very long din eat beef noodle ady, miss it T__T

domokun said...

haha aiyaaaaaa december we meet up go shopping lar>< long time din c ady><lol

XCB said...

okok no prob