Friday, November 19, 2010

Fashion Loaded

I hope i could be a fashionista like them(see below) too one i know.Malaysia is soo damn hot and it is impossible to wear so many layers of clothings on me.duh.Plus I am not that skinny.Layering on my body make me phat.damn phat.== ok.i knew it and i am still nibbling kraft cheezels biskuit NOW.9pm==wtf Succeeded in stealing lots of pictures from gotcha go shopping after my exams.Maybe one week in a row.Will be going Midvalley Curve One Utama Pavillion Times Square Sungei Wang Sunway Pyramid wherever possible. Seriously.Gotcha compensate myself.Life's difficult that difficult difficult.Wana puke on the exam timetables.== 

luv her boots.XD

 see the skinny legs she have==wtf

arent she cool?O.O

simple but nice XD 

dont you think that she looks like xiaxue? LOL

Mayb i shud dye white one day.^^

 ah..nice heels XD

 i m soo into black heels

wat if i wear a cape in malaysia? u would say"u kee xiao a?not hot meh?"==wtf

i hate red on me but it looks amazing on her wtf 

braids can be cute sometimes XD 

 did you watch "night at the museum 2?"you will get wat i mean lol

phat people like me cannot try baggy trousers cause they will made me look even became parts of me 

 i will educate n nurture my bf to be like

oh please see..even these children are so damn

see?even the tiny-she has boots!!wtf 

My shopping List: (something like this)it must be high heel^^

2.Rider's jacket

3.a wool hat.i dun care if it is not wearable in

4.fringe bag

5.fake eyelashes

6.curling iron.i know my hair is still reali damn short but i really want it.X) 

7.last and foremost:hoping to meet someone before Christmastime XD lol duh impossible 


j_fish said...

I love the white laced dress in the 6th pic!! Have a thing for white and lace, combined.

The kids are so cute!!!

domokun said...

yaya..i luv those kids also>< soo adorable><

anqijie said...

not bad ar, still got mood uplaod^^ gambateh neh~~~

Kelvin said...

I think u'll look cool in a rider's jacket ^_^

XCB said...

lol who you want to meet??? XD

domokun said...

anqijie:lol i dunwan my blog to fade away mar~~:D
kelvin:i think everyone will look cool in a rider's jacket XD
XCB:haha someone someone loh~XP u also a~fast fast ^^

Nadia MDG said...

luv the pics!!!!! they all are awesomely dressed!!

ken said...

really nice fashion style :)

domokun said...

nadia:totally agree XD
ken:hands up agree LOLL luv their style><

Jessy said...

Too bad in Msia we don't have cold weather...

domokun said...

yalaaa>< so sad..i wish we had 4 seasons LOL

Michelle Chic said...

love these looks! great inspirations

domokun said...

me too me too XD

Hilda Milda™ said...

pretty winter clothings!

domokun said...

yup ^^hehe